Jun 1, 2013


BEAN HADFIELD radiator emblem

This is an original BEAN HADFIELD emblem from the last year of BEAN´ s car production.
The steel supplier Hadfields of Sheffield rescued the company in 1926. The BEANs 14/45 were called
Hadfield Beans on account of the firm´s new ownership. The last BEAN was built in 1929. Commercial cars were sold until 1931 but they had only a steel emblem.

Dimensions6.2  cm
Year1928 - 1929

BEAN reproduction emblem
As the BEAN HADFIELD is very, very rare there is a reproduction made in Britain.
But it is a bad reproduction as you can see. The original is curved, the repro is flat; the repro has a flat back, the original not and the background of the red color is different. I´m sure you find more differences.

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