Aug 31, 2013

ADLER Germany

ADLER radiator emblem

Heinrich Kleyer started in the bicycle business with great succes. In 1900 he started with a small car using a DE DION-BOUTON engine.
Mrs. Clärenore Stinnes realized the first trip around the world by a women in an ADLER Standard 6 in 1926.
ADLER became famous for the front wheel drive  with the model  ADLER TRUMPF in 1932.
The civil car production ceased for ever in 1939. More than 150,000 ADLER were built in this 39 years.

 The radiator emblem you see on top was mounted on the ADLER Standard and the ADLER Favorit.

Dimensions 8.0 cm x 8.9 cm

                                      This is a reproduction:

                                       Original:                         Reproduction:
                                       ADLER original spare wheel emblem

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