Nov 5, 2013


AGA emblem
Finally I´am able to present you an emblem from AGA / Germany built in my home town Berlin.
In 1919 the AGA started their car production with a small 1.4 liter with 4-cylinder 16 hp engine. In the mid - twenties they sold quite well, offering a better 20hp engine. So there were a lot of AGA taxi cabs in Berlin. The last AGA was the AGA - SPEZIAL still proudly presented at the International Automobil exhibition in Berlin in 1928.
But there was never a regular production and AGA closed the car production still the same year.

 5.4 cm x 7.0 cm


AGA  on the Motor Show / Berlin 1921

1923 AGA with angular fenders and vee - shaped radiator  ( photo collection Thomas Ulrich ).

1921 advertisment showing the AGA with amgular fenders

AGA with vee - shaped radiator and brass emblems


1925 AGA with conventional fenders  (photo collection Thomas Ulrich ).

1925 advertisment showing the emblem in red  although the emblem never existed in this color

If you want to know all about the AGA history just buy the book from Kai-Uwe Merz:
Der AGA- Wagen, published in 2011.

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  1. That is no radiator emblem but a advertisment-sticker. Best regards Dr. Merz, author of the only AGA-book ever