Mar 1, 2014


AUDI was founded in 1910. Here is the first enamelled emblem in the history of AUDI.
Before there was an oval brass emblem on the radiator with a small "a", so it says: audi.
The AUDI production stopped in 1939. The next Audi was the type 60 from 1965. It was a revised DKW F 102.
Dimensions8 cm x 6 cm


                      There is no makers make, but the backside of an original has to look like this.

First AUDI radiator emblem; made of brass only. Seen in a German museum

In 1930 the new AUDI front emblem was introduced showing a big 1 on a hemisphere:
It was already registered as a trademark in 1924.

Dimensions6.3 cm x 3.9 cm


Pay attention, there are reproductions so look at the reverse:

left: original                              right: repro

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