Aug 24, 2014

Z Zbrojovka / Czech.

this Czech  ex - armaments factory  - like many others  -  had to look for new business after World War 1.
They started with a single-cylinder 2-stroke 600cc engine [Georgano].
Later there were 6 - and 8-cylinder engines.

But here is the nice colorful emblem of the type Z6 showing the front axle construction.
To my knowledge this is the only radiator emblem that presents the axle of a car.

Z radiator emblem

4.2 cm x  9.0 cm



 reverse of the two pieces radiator emblem 
In 1936  Z (Zbrojovka) presented the type  Z4  using another enameled emblem:

After WWII the Z factory continued by producing tractors still using the Z emblem in a circle.

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