Jun 7, 2015


The German  MANNESMANN - MULAG  ( = MOTOREN UND LASTWAGEN AG ) started truck production in Aachen one year before WW I in 1913. The monthly output was about 80 - 100 vehicles.
They designed one of the most craziest radiator emblems in truck history:
you see two  men with a rope in their hands standing with both feet firmly on the globe. On the right side you see the truck where this emblem was mounted. Make  your own sense of it........
Nevertheless it is one of my all time favorites.

Dimension 10.2 cm x 7.5 cm
Year1913 - 1919

reverse without makers mark
before restoration
contemporary ad with emblem

on top you see an original MANNESMANN brooche

advertisment showing the truck and the emblem

The MANNESMANN company tried to  enter the privat car business in 1923 without success.
About 2,000 cars were built at the factory in Remscheid. MANNESMANN stopped the production in 1928. Not a single car survived.
The emblem is super rare. You have to look years for it.

before restoration

don´t give up,  quite every emblem is restorable

Size 14.5 cm x 3.3 cm
Year1923 - 1928

1923 advertisment. You see details of the emblem in the background !

When starting production in 1923 they used for a short time a vee - shaped radiator:

picture from the vorkriegs-klassiker-rundschau.blog

picture from the vorkriegs-klassiker-rundschau.blog showing the radiator with emblem and mascot

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