Jul 12, 2015


The  AUTOMOBILES OMEGA SIX  Company started car production in 1922 until 1930. It was a real luxury car made on the lines of the HISPANO SUIZA at Boulogne-sur-Seine near Paris. Even the design is resembling  the HISPANO SUIZA.  Not many of the OMEGA SIX were made, so you have to look years for this outstanding emblem.
One surviving car can be seen in the Automobile Museum of Le Mans in France.

this emblem is a real piece of art showing the greek letter Omega

Dimensions 18.0 cm x 6.9 cm
Year1922 - 1930

in the middle of this emblem you find the weapon of Paris

Reverse without makers mark. No reproduction known

emblem with contemporary ad

The there was a second OMEGA SIX emblem in the form of a simple black oval.
Really nothing special.  This emblem was reproduced in the nineteeneighties.

repro emblem
Size10.4 x   3.5 cm
Year 1922 -1930

reverse of the repro emblem

contemporary photo showing the oval OMEGA SIX emblem

1924 OMEGA SIX chassis in an exhibition

French description of the OMEGA SIX

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