Jul 22, 2015


Adam OPEL made various cars under licence and finally his own car in 1902. The following year he produced a 20/24 hp and a 35/40 hp. OPEL gained over 100 victories in these cars in 1905 and the third place in the Kaiserpreis in 1907.  In the 1920s OPEL installed an assembly line on American principles, the first German engineering firm to do so. The depression of 1929 caused the OPEL family  to transform the firm into a joint-stock company with GENERAL MOTORS.

In more than 110 years OPEL created  more than 200 different emblems, signs and symbols. If you want to know all about OPEL emblems buy this book: Zeichen der Zeit (Signs of the Times) published in 1991 (Säntis Verlag ISBN Nr. 3-907 993-03-09). The book is out of print. But it is easier to find than a pre 1914 OPEL emblem....

In 1906 OPEL used a fire wall emblem in the art deco style.
I have never seen an original. But a repro was made in Germany by Goede:

Dimensions 8.0 cm x 5.5 cm
for an original

reverse of the repro made by Goede / Germany

In 1910 the so-called   OPEL eye   was designed by the Grand Duke of Hesse.
In its basic form this emblem - made in many variations - remained the identification symbol until 1935.

Dimensions12.5 cm x 6.0 cm 
Year1910 - 1914

Dimensions11.5 cm x 5.5 cm 
Year1919 - 1933

Dimensions11.5 cm x 5.5 cm 
Year1932 - 1933

french OPEL emblem radiator emblem showing the cooperation  with GENERAL MOTORS

6,4 cm x  3,5 cm


before restoration

In 1930 OPEL presented the famous light truck named OPEL BLITZ after a name-finding contest.
Only the first four years  there was an enameled radiator emblem. So it is a hard to find item.

7.6 cm x  5.0 cm
 1930- 1934


my restored OPEL radiator.

In 1934 the new OPEL six was offered.  The OPEL eye with wings was mounted on top of the radiator shell.

Dimensions13.5 cm x 2.8 cm
Year1934 - 1938 

Emblem of the famous OPEL type P4  presented in 1935

Dimensions4.5 cm x 3.8 cm
Year1935 - 1939 

In the mid-twenties OPEL began to manufacture motorcycles.
In 1928 OPEL proudly presented the OPEL MOTOCLUB motorcycle. A motorcycle with red tires and a red emblem on each side of the front wheel fork . In 1929 OPEL discontinued any motorcycle manufacturing.
A very sought-after emblem.
Pay attention, there are repros made in Poland.

Motorcycle emblem

  9,0  cm      
 1928 - 1929 


reverse of the original motorcycle emblem

dashboard emblem of the OPEL P4

To celebrate the Olympic Games at Berlin in 1936 OPEL offered in 1935 the new OPEL OLYMPIA showing a discus thrower.

Dimensions4.5 x  9.0 cm
Year 1936 - 1937

Here you see a mysterious  OPEL emblem showing the oval OPEL eye on a round base.
This emblem was part of the Italian Bregonzio collection liquidated in 2009.
 I think it was a prototype emblem never mounted on a car.

Guess what it is:
It is an emblem of an OPEL fridge !

For more beautiful car emblems see top right  ( list of car makers ).


  1. Very cool parts. Especially the Opel things. Amazing.

  2. It is sold as Renault Master, Nissan Interstar and in the UK as Opel Movano. Till now three generations and two facelifts have been released with a wide range of variants. Though car repair manuals pdf of Opel is great help for the owners in that case.