Apr 11, 2017


The MORETTI MOTOR CAR COMPANY was founded by Giovanni Moretti in Turin / Italy in 1925 offering motorcycles.
In 1928 he presented his first car, a three seater with a two-cylinder engine, but only a prototype was built.

During WWII  he built a commercial car electric powered called: ELETTROCARRI.
Sadly no Elettrocarri has survived, but I found this wonderful front emblem:

Giovanni Moretti was using a bull as symbol for strengh

Dimensions10.00  cm
Year1940 - 1944

I only found this ( bad ) picture showing the MORETTI ELETTROCARRI

In 1945 MORETTI presented the type CITA, a small car with 350ccm engine.

During the nineteenfifties the MORETTI cars still had an emblem showing the bull

Dimensions4.2 cm x 5.1 cm
Year1945 - 1959

MORETTI front badge of the sixties and seventies

3.5cm x 4.2 cm
1960 - 1970

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