Jul 10, 2022


 F.E.A.  ITALY / Milano  (1922)

 F.E.A.  ( = FABRICCA ELETTRO AUTOMOBILI ) -  built, or wanted to build, in Milan / Italy in 1922 electric cars for "professionals" .

 An important aspect of this project was certainly the fact that in Italy in 1922 electric vehicles were tax-free ( as there is today again....... )

But not much is known about this vehicle. All I found is an advertisment in  "LA PERIODICA LOMBARDA",  an Italian magazine and - of course the emblem ! Other news, so far, have not emerged.

There is even an adress on the emblem: Via S. Vincenzo 26 / Milano.

But today you can't find any traces; there is a modern building.


curved emblem from the Bregonzio collection liquidated in 2009

  7.1 cm
1907 - 1914

flat backside without makers mark

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