Dec 20, 2014


The LEON LAISNE was a short lived company. They started car production in the nineteentwenties in the town of Lille  in northern France. In 1927 they moved to Nantes.
The first years there was a rectangulair emblem at the radiator that is still missing in my collection.
After moving to Nantes the emblem became round as you can see on this picture:

no makers mark a the reverse

Dimensions 5.7 cm
Year1927 - 

Emblem with contemporary ad
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Dec 19, 2014


The WESTCOTT Motor Car Company started car production at Richmond / Indiana in 1909. They remained in the car business until 1925. They moved to Springfield / Ohio in 1916.
They offered an assembled car using  6-cylinder engines made by Continental.
The peak production  year was 1921 with 1,710 cars built.
In 16 years they sold less than 15,000 cars.

The first enameled radiator emblem was round. It was filed in 1917 and used from 1915 to 1916.

  7 cm

 1915 - 1916


From 1917 to 1925 they  had a octagonal emblem  showing the letters V and W like Volkswagen many years later. I have no idea why there is a V as the first name of the founder Mr. Westcott was Burton.  May be it is just a special W.

Dimensions5.4 cm x 5.4 cm
Year1920 - 1925

In the nineteensixties Harry Pulfer  reproduced this emblem. It became a bad repro because the letters of the name are originally filled up with black enamel, but here you see orange letters.

left:  original                         right:  repro

left:  original with no makers mark    right:  flat repro

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Dec 4, 2014


Enrico FEROLDI of Turin / Italy started as carburettor maker before offering in 1912 his first own car. It was a short lived company (1912 - 1913). The type "Tipo Unico" had a four-cylinder engine, the cylinders cast in pairs.                  It resembled a contemporary FIAT. Only few cars were made.
So you have to look years for this interesting radiator emblem showing the three letters  A F T in a cercle.

Dimensions 10.5 cm 
Year1912 - 1913

reverse with no makers mark

contemporary foto of a FEROLDI car
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Nov 30, 2014


The EMPIRE Motor car company was a project of Carl Fisher, James Allison, Robert Hassler and Arthur Newby. In 1909 they presented the first car, nicknamed: " The Little Aristcrat ". It was a four-cylinder car with 20 hp. In 10 years they built around 4,500 cars. Their best year was 1916 when 693 cars were sold.
Every EMPIRE emblem is rare. You have to look years for it.

first EMPIRE radiator emblem
  6.8 cm

 1909 - 1912 


This perfect original emblem is from the Lee Roy Hartung / Chicago collection that was put up for auction in 2011.

12 cm x  6.0 cm

 1912 - 1919 


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This french company was in car production in Billancourt near Paris from 1921 to 1957.
They had their best years in the twenties when selling cyclecars.  RENAULT bought the factory plant after WWII in 1956.The last french SALMSON was built in 1957.
No manufacturer mark on the backside.

Dimensions8.0 cm x 5.5 cm
Year1921 - 1923

Dimensions7.0 cm 
Year1923 - 1929

Pay attention.There is a repro with a flat reverse:

left: original            right:  repro

SALMSON  radiator emblem

Dimensions13.2 cm x 2.8 cm

Dimensions8.0 cm x 2.4cm (emblem only)
Year1948 - 1957 

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ROCHET - SCHNEIDER radiator emblem
These cars from the French company of Lyons ( 1894 - 1932) built an enviable reputation for quality and speed before WW I. The larger vintage cars are both handsome and well built. Rochet -  Schneider also built trucks. Commercial vehicles were made until 1951.
Here you see a quite rare enameled emblem. Mostly you find only a script with the two letters RS on the radiator.

Dimensions7.5 cm

truck radiator emblem

Dimensions8.0 cm x 5.5 cm
Year1931 - 1938

no makers mark on french emblems

emblem after restoration

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Nov 16, 2014


The MARION - HANDLEY  ( 1916 - 1918) was a continuation of the earlier MARION of Indianapolis, Indiana.
The MARION  - HANDLEY Six was a typical assembled car with a Continental 6-cylinder engine.
Only 2,085 car were built in 3 years, so you have to look years for the emblem.

emblem part of the K. Hohl collection

6.9 cm x  3.3 cm

 1916 - 1918


As it is rare and expensive there is a (quite perfect)  repro mady be Harry Pulfer in the nineteensixties:

reverse of the repro, missing the two pins of the original

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ROGNINI & BALBO of Milano / Italy built electric buses ( =  Elettromobili) in the 1920 for communal purposes. The bus  type A 75 - A 79 offered 54 places.  It was not a trolley system. This bus was autarkic with 44 batteries, enough for a range of 150 kilometers.

This extremely rare emblem is from the Bregonzio / Milano  collection liquidated in 2009.

large front emblem of a R & B bus

12 cm x  6.0 cm



R & B emblem with business card and contemporary foto 

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The COMMONWEALTH Motors Corporation of Joliet / Illinois near Chicago started car production in 1913 with the PARTIN - PALMER.  In 1915 it became the COMMONWEALTH to demonstrate the aim for selling cars internationally.  In 5 years they sold 4,000 cars only. The best year was 1920 with a production of 1,828 cars.
Their slogan was: " The Car with the Foundation " .
In 1922 they merged with the Markin Body Corporation and built a taxicab called CHECKER for decades.

Here you see the first COMMONWEALTH emblem:

COMMONWEALTH original radiator emblem with dark red letters
9.4 cm x  4.8 cm

 1917 - 1922


As this is a very rare and expensiv emblem there is a repro made by Harry Pulfer in the nineteensixties.  Pay attention: the original is curved. The repro is quite flat.

repro with light red letters

Now it is easy to compare
top: original        down: repro

At least there was a COMMONWEALTH ULTRA 4 FORTY emblem, may be a prototype emblem:

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Nov 7, 2014


The RUGBY was a STAR automobile made by William Crapo DURANT for export. As there was already an automobile named STAR in the UK,  William put a RUGBY badge on the STAR  to avoid confusion when exporting STAR automobiles.

The RUGBY was a great success so it is easy to find an original emblem.

Here you see the first emblem of 1924. It was round. No number in it:

first RUGBY radiator emblem

Dimensions  5.5 cm
Year 1924 -1925

The second  RUGBY emblem of 1926 showed the number 4  or  6 to indicate the engine:

Dimensions  5.5 cm
Year 1926 -1927

In 1928 there was an oval emblem. The same year the DURANT emblem became oval also.

Dimensions  5.6 cm x 3.8 cm
Year 1928 -1929

In 1930 they changed the design. The emblem looked like a shield. You can see the same design on the 1930 DURANT emblem.

Dimensions  5.2 cm x 3.4 cm
Year 1930-1931

Than there was a round emblem I can´t date. May be ou can help me:

All RUGBY emblems have a flat backside. Only the 1930 emblem is showing a maker´s mark that proved that it was made outside the USA.

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