Aug 13, 2018

BENZ SÖHNE / Germany

In 1906 when Carl Benz left the BENZ & Cie Company he had founded,  he started a new factory together with his sons Richard and Eugen. The start was very difficult. Only prototypes were built until 1908.  In 1913 a car with sleeve valves engine was offered. Car production  ceased in 1924.
It seems that only two BENZ and SÖHNE cars survives today.

original BENZ and Sons emblem ( N.O.S. ,- found at the ancient factory in Ladenburg / Germany in 2004 )

7.4 cm 
1909- 1914

reverse without makers mark

1909 advertisment showing the emblem

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Aug 10, 2018

B.F.A. Germany

Not much is known about the German car maker  Bolle und Fiedler Automobilwerke ( short form: B.F.A.).
They started production in 1923 using a 3-cylinder 2-stroke engine. 2-stroke engines were very popular this time in Germany. Some cars participated successfully in national races.  To my knowledge not a single car survives today.
Production is thought to be less than 100 cars so you have to look years for an emblem.

Bildunterschrift hinzufügen

5.0 cm 
1921- 1926

backside with makers mark from A.STÜBBE BERLIN C.19

This is the only  contemporary picture from a B.F.A. I could find
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Jul 16, 2018

Fürst Stolberg Hütte / Germany

I´m sure you have never heard of a car manufacturer called " FÜRST STOLBERG HÜTTE " located in Ilsenburg / Germany.
Neither did I before I found this incredible radiator emblem. You can read  "Ilse" on it, a German prename of a women ( a little bit out of time ) . Also it is  the first word of the name of the town "Ilsenburg" where the factory was located.
In a German book  - published in 1975 -   you can read that it is not sure if they realized a regular car production. But it is sure that they printed brochures and that there was a real radiator emblem ( may be from a prototype ?).

9.4 cm x  6.9 cm

official sales brochure of 1927

flat backside without makers mark

Ilse emblem before soft restoration as some philistine drilled two holes in it

copy of the official German handbook listing all car producer in 1927

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Jul 6, 2018

MWF Magdeburger Werkzeugmaschinenfabrik

There was  a time in the  ninteentwenties when a lot manufacturer of tool machines had plans to start a car or truck production. In Germany the Magdeburger Werkzeugmaschinenfabrik ( MWF ) realized their first truck in 1924 with a four cylinder engine for 2 1/2 payload. The truck was sold locally and after 4 years only the production ceased.          It seems that not a single truck survives today.
Total production is thought to be about a few hundred so you have to look years for the emblem.

emblem was found in  a sample swatch of the defunct company Ch. Lauer (see my post: manufacturer of enamel emblems )

7.9 cm 
1924- 1928

NOS emblem without makers mark

you can see the  enamel emblem on the radiator and painted on the cabin door

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Mar 25, 2018

VAN HOOL / Belgium

The VAN HOOL Company started in 1955 with the construction of bus bodies. Normally they used FIAT mechanical components. These buses were very successful in Belgium, Holland and France.
They are still in business today.

Until the mid sixties they used a beautiful, large enameled front emblem.  Later these emblems were made in plastic. Today the logo and the script are painted.

large VAN HOOL front badge

Dimension20 cm x 12 cm
Year1955 -  - 1965

contemporary ad showing the emblem

I guess VAN HOOL was very proud of this emblem

every VAN HOOL front badge was enameled on both sides

VAN HOOL badge with integrated FIAT logo
Dimension20 cm x 12 cm
Year1960 - 1965

more beautiful than any photo:  a painted advertisment of 1963

 The VAN HOOL badge with integrated OM logo is quite rare 

Dimension20 cm x 12 cm
Year1960 - 1965

my favorit badge:  three logos in one

Dimension20 cm x 14.5  cm

the FIAT and the OM logo are made with transparent enamel

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Mar 5, 2018


Often you see this emblem in a collection. It looks like an automobile emblem. But it is not.
The SCRIPPS MOTOR COMPANY only built marine engines. They  were never in the automobile business,  especially it was not a predecessor of the better known  SCRIPPS - BOOTH.
But don´t throw this emblem away. Just tell this story.

8. cm x 5.0 cm
1917 - 

SCRIPPS marine engines 1917 advertisment

SCRIPPS emblem in a collection

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Feb 25, 2018


The FALCON - KNIGHT , a daughter company of the WILLYS Motor Company   was planned to fill the gap between the WHIPPET and the WILLYS-KNIGHT.  The FALCON - KNIGHT - using a six-cylinder sleeve-valve engine - did this well. More than 5,700 cars were sold in 1927 and more than 5,300 in 1928. A few more were assembled in 1929,  than the company was absorbed into the  parent organization.

you have a good chance to find an original

 4.7 cm

1927 - 1929 - 

flat reverse with out makers mark

detail of a contemporary ad showing the radiator with mascot and emblem

The FALCON -KNIGHT was also exported to France:
my display of KNIGHT emblems

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The German company FALCON of Ober Ramstadt ( Hessen ) was a short lived company ( 1921 - 1926) using the english name of a predatory bird. In fact the German word for falcon is "FALKE".  May be the company hoped to radiate international flair.  In 5 years they sold about 400 cars. It seems that not a single car survives today. The emblem is a very hard to find item.

Dimensionca 6.0  cm
Year1921- 1926

two types of radiators were used

contemporary ad with the slogan: the most distinguished car of its class
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Feb 18, 2018


The STERLING - KNIGHT Company  ( one of eight different U.S. car manufacturers with the name "STERLING" ) was founded by "Pete" Sterling  a former chief engineer of the STEARNS Company. The idea was to build a luxury car with a Knight sleeve valve engine.
It was an assembled car, only the engine was home-made using the patented Charles Knight system ( Knight had his name on over 30 different cars like Willys Knight, Lions Knight,  Moline Knight, Stearns Knight, Handley Knight etc. )
The STERLING KNIGHT was a short lived company (1923 - 1926). By the end of 1924 253 cars had been built and 121 cars followed in 1925 and a few more were built in 1926 so every Sterling Knight emblem is a hard to find item.

flat reverse without makers mark

4.1 cm x  6.7 cm
1923 - 1924

This is believed to be an original N.O.S emblem

The round STERLING  KNIGHT emblem is believed to be from the last year (1925/26)

this emblem is from the Lee Roy Hartung collection that was put up for auction in 2011 - see post about Lee Roy Hartung

  4.1 cm
 1925 / 26

flat reverse without makers mark

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