Dec 7, 2018


The two brothers Edouard et Maurice Ballot started the company  Etablissement Ballot in Paris in 1905. Before the Great War the factory concentrated on marine and industrial engines, therefore the anchor in the badge.

At least since 1911 they also produced automobile engines. A lot of different car makers as Delage,     Mass etc.  used Ballot engines.

From 1919 on the Etablissement Ballot built cars  themselves. These cars had a very sporty reputation.
Car production ceased in 1931 when Hispano Suiza bought the factory to build the Hispano "Junior".

Fire and flame for a BALLOT mascot

BALLOT emblem from a v-shaped radiator

Dimension 7.2 cm
Year- 1931

the backside was enameled to avoid tensions when cooling the emblem after the firing process

1928 advertisment proudly showing the v- shaped radiator with emblem

this emblem was used on Ballot engines in Italy

flat repro emblem using the wrong blue on the letter E. The  original blue is transparent !

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Nov 25, 2018

FUCHS Automobile / Austria

Not much is known about the Austrian car maker Inzersdorfer Industriewerke Hans Fuchs.  This company started  producing car parts such as radiators, engines and bodies for other car maker in 1920.
In 1922 Mr. Hans Fuchs decided to build his own car, called FUCHS  ( German for FOX ).
It was a small sports car which competed successfully in national events.                                                                    Production ceased in 1925. May be 120 cars were built so the emblem is a very hard to find item.

sorry for the bad  picture quality

7.0 cm x  4.5 cm
1922 - 1925 

1924 Fuchs advertisment
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Nov 4, 2018

OM / Italy

The Italian Officine Meccaniche (OM)  took control of the ZUEST automobile concern in 1918.
In fact the first car under their name was the old 25/35 hp ZUEST.   OM cars won the 1925 Tripoli Grand Prix and the 1927 Mille Miglia race. Car production ceased in 1931 and OM concentrated on commercial vehicles. The last  truck with an OM emblem was approximately built  in 1979.

large OM radiator emblem
Dimension10.2 x  6.8 cm
Year1918 - 1920

there was also a green version (rare )

The new (smaller ) OM radiator emblem was on their cars from 1920 to 1933

Dimension 7.8 cm x 4.6 cm
Year1920 - 1933

reverse without makers mark

there was also a version with a covering blue

1925 contemporary advertisment

one of the most beautiful engine badges ever made ( see next picture )

Dimension 9.9 cm

May be there was also a rectangular OM radiator emblem as showing on an offical sales brochure:

wanted: if you have to sell this emblem don´t hesitate to contact me

There a lot of OM truck emblems.  These are my favorites:

Dimension20.0 cm x 12.0 cm
Year1960 - 1965

Dimension20 cm x 14.5  cm
Year1960 - 1965

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The SANGIUSTO made in Trieste and administrative office in Milano in Northern Italy was another short lived company (1923 - 1926 ).  It was a very advanced cyclecar with a central backbone chassis, independant suspension of all four wheels and front brakes.  The car had a rear mounted aircooled four-cylinder engine and four forward speeds. The body was styled like a boat. There was an emblem on each side of the v-shaped front.

Dimensionca 6 cm
Year1923 - 1926

If you look closely you can see the badge on the side of this car

contemporary brochure of the SANGIUSTO 750 
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Oct 13, 2018


The Italian FRANCO Automobili S.A.  was a short lived company.  Attilio Franco presented a prototype  at the Automobile Salon at Turin ( Torino) in 1908. This exposition was a big succes so he decided to start a regular production in 1910.  A FRANCO race car piloted by Tullio Carilato won the Targa Florio  in May 1910.
Car production ceased in 1912.

badge in art nouveau style

Dimension 6.3  cm
Year1909- 1912

flat reverse without makers mark

with some imagination you see the emblem on top of the radiator

Here is another FRANCO emblem looking more recent. I wasn´t able to verify if there was (another ) FRANCO car company.

same name but this badge is from the coach builder Pietro Franco of  Torino 

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Oct 5, 2018


John Taunton , who had worked for Rolls - Royce, tried to build his own car. Before WWI only a few prototypes were built.  The short lived company tried to restart in 1919. It is uncertain if there were any sales before they closed in 1920.

Sorry for the bad  quality but this is the only picture I could find

Year1914- 1920

contemporary advertisment showing the badge top right
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Sep 28, 2018


The Nelson & LeMoon company built the first truck in Chicago in 1910, using Continental engines.
The majority of the LeMoon sales were in the Chicago area. From 1913 to 1927 the name Nelson-Le-Moon
was used rather than plain LeMoon, though this latter was resumed thereafter.
Production ceased in 1939.  Lifetime production was around 3,000 trucks.

This emblem can be dated from the year 1928 when the plain name was used. It was up for auction in Chicago in 2011 as a part of the Lee Roy Hartung collection ( please see my post Lee Roy Hartung).
This emblem was used for  a very short period

Dimension6.7cm x 3.8 cm

backside with makers mark :  THE D.L. AULD COLUMBUS CO.

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Sep 25, 2018

Fire and flame for radiator emblems

Are you also fire and flame for mascots and emblems ?

So am I  and therefore I had the idea to build  a burning mascot with radiator emblems:

Don´t drive to fast

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Sep 22, 2018


The NP was built in the small town Newport Pagnell / Buckinghamshire /   Great Britain from 1922 to 1925. They offered two chassis, one with a four - cylinder 1,795cc Meadows petrol engine and one with a 2,120cc four -cylinder Meadows engine.
It is said that 395  NP Salmons light cars have been built but Meadow´s sales papers show only 99 engines sold to the Salmons Light Car company.
In any case the radiator emblem is a very rare bird.

emblem missing some enamel
Dimension 6.4  cm
Year1922- 1925

reverse without makers mark

contemporary picture of a NP chassis with radiator and emblem

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Sep 14, 2018


A short lived German company, located in Eisenberg / Thuringia, that started car production  in 1921. First they offered a two seater cycle car with an air cooled engine. The car was very similar with the ROVER Eight.                  In 1922 they moved to Naumburg / Thuringia.
Later the engine was water cooled and there were also four seaters and small trucks.
Production ceased in 1925.  No surviving car is known.

my all time favorite radiator badge

Dimension8.3cm x 6.1  cm
Year1921- 1925

reverse without makers mark

contemporary ad proudly showing the emblem

 models with v-shaped radiator had the emblem mounted on the radiator core

Do you know these two guys ?

The German author Wilhelm Busch already used the comic strip technique in 1865 publishing the story about Max und Moritz. 55 years later the two buys are on a radiator emblem. What a crazy idea !

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