Oct 14, 2017


The German Hans Grade,  who lived near Berlin, in Brueck (today Borkheide), was famous for his aircraft.
Because of the restrictions after WW I he designed an unconventional two-seater car with a boat shaped body.
It had an air-cooled 2-cylinder 2-stroke engine of 800cc capacity and final drive was by chaine to a rear axle without differential. May be 2,000 cars were built so you have to look years for an emblem.

Dimensions12.0 cm
Year1921 - 1926

GRADE seen in a German museum

There was also the idea to build the GRADE car in Austria. It is not sure if production ever started.
Nevertheless the Austrian GRADE had another emblem. May be this enameled emblem was a prototype.

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Oct 8, 2017


HANSA LLYOD trucks and cars were made in North Germany  (Varel and  Bremen, 1914 - 1939 ).
During WWI a large quantity of trucks were built. Also electric vehicles were continued, which had been a speciality of Lloyd.

Here you see the largest truck emblem of my whole collection ( made of three pieces ).

gigantic  3 piece emblem

Dimensions 39.0 cm x 12.0 cm
Yearca. 1932

Some emblems were enameled on front and back side to avoid tensions when cooling down after firing the glass powder.
look at the coin to realize the dimensions of this emblem

Later in 1932 another truck emblem was created. This truck sold very well so you still have the chance to buy an original emblem.

this emblem was enameled with the screen printing method: no bars separating the colors

Dimensions21.5 x  7.2 cm

The electric vehicles and later the private cars had an emblem made in the shape of an triangle:

The  HANSA Lloyd type Trumpf - Ass had an straight eight - cylinder engine with 100 hp.
The car sold poorly so you have to look years for this emblem.

Dimensions 8.9  x 8.2 cm

this emblem was found via metal detecting

flat reverse;  no makers mark

triangle emblem seen on  a 1927 electric truck
While WW II they used aluminium for the emblem to save noble metal like brass.
This is from a truck radiator.

Dimensions36.5 x  9.3 cm

no makers mark on the backside
In 1929 the production plants and the name was bought by BORGWARD.  The next car with the name LLOYD was made after WW II in 1950.

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Oct 3, 2017


PONTIAC was a car brand that was made and sold by General Motors since 1926. The PONTIAC SIX was intended as a lower priced car. It had a conventional straight six engine.  The brand was named after the famous Indian leader Pontiac, born in 1720 and assassinated in 1769. It is said that he was the chief of six indian tribes. Therefore " Chief of the Sixes " has a double meaning.

 8.0 cm x 5.9 cm
1926 - 1930

there was a small and a large version

two original emblems: one  with makers mark ( GUSTAVE FOX COMPANY ) one without

In 1931 finally a new enameled emblem in the form of a shield:

 4.6 cm x 3.8 cm

two original emblems: one with makers mark (FOX COMPANY) and one without

In 1933 the shield became longer:
The six-cylinder engine car  was always a best seller

 3.9 cm x  12.2 cm


PONTIAC sold only few eight-cylinder cars in 1932 so this emblem is a hard to find item:

Dimensions3.9 x  12.2 cm

no makers mark

In 1933  PONTIAC converted their assembly line to all straight eight engines:

What a wonderful emblem

Dimensions15.5 x  4.8 cm

no reproduction known;  but look at the makers mark: GRAMMES ALLENTOWN
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1935 side of hood emblem

Dimensions  7.0 x 5.5 cm

In 1937 you saw three different PONTIAC car emblems:

1937 Six cylinder emblem

Dimensions5.0 x  7.1 cm

Second Pontiac car emblem in 1937:

Last no least there was a Canadian PONTIAC car emblem:

The Canadian PONTIAC had a smaller 224 cubic Chevrolet engine

The 1940 PONTIAC had two enameled emblems:

Dimensions  6.5 x 10.6 cm

no makers mark

Dimensions  10.0 x 3.5 cm

The Indian Pontiac was the inspiration for over forty different indian mascots, starting in 1926 with an indian head radiator cap and ending in 1955 with a plastic head inserted in front of an airplane.
PONTIAC is the only American carmaker to use the same symbol over such a long period. The chief was used on one of the Pontiac models every year for thirty years !

 my choice of PONTIAC mascots including two Indian maiden mascots

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Oct 1, 2017


WILLEME  is was a French commercial vehicle.  Production started in 1919.  What you see on the emblem is mixture of  American symbols with the French name: WILLEME had the licence to produce the    Liberty truck  of the American army.                .
Look at the details: even the front wheels and the rear wheels are different.
This large emblem is silver plated and very hard to find even in France.

WILLEME truck lorry radiator emblem badge
WILLEME / France  truck radiator emblem

Dimensions 12.6 cm x 10.1 cm

Here you see why I´m collecting emblems. This is a real piece of art. The emblem was made in high quality and is silver plated. The blue is enameled.  Again you see that the French commercial car maker had the licene to build American trucks. And this nice truck had this radiator emblem on the front.  No reproduction known.

WILLEME radiator emblem

Dimensions 8 cm x 5.6 cm
Yearca. 1930

After WW II nothing smaller than a 10-tonner was marketed and Willeme was proud of using DIESEL engines.

Bildunterschrift hinzufügen

Dimensions5.0 x  7.1 cm
Yearca. 1946

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