Oct 13, 2018


The Italian FRANCO Automobili S.A.  was a short lived company.  Attilio Franco presented a prototype  at the Automobile Salon at Turin ( Torino) in 1908. This exposition was a big succes so he decided to start a regular production in 1910.  A FRANCO race car piloted by Tullio Carilato won the Targa Florio  in May 1910.
Car production ceased in 1912.

Bildunterschrift hinzufügen

Dimension 6.3  cm
Year1909- 1912

flat reverse without makers mark

with some imagination you see the emblem on top of the radiator

Here is another FRANCO emblem looking more recent. I wasn´t able to verify if there was (another ) FRANCO car company.

If you know more about a Franco automobil made in Torino don´t hesitate to send me a comment

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Oct 5, 2018


John Taunton , who had worked for Rolls - Royce, tried to build his own car. Before WWI only a few prototypes were built.  The short lived company tried to restart in 1919. It is uncertain if there were any sales before they closed in 1920.

Sorry for the bad  quality but this is the only picture I could find

Year1914- 1920

contemporary advertisment showing the badge top right
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Sep 28, 2018


The Nelson & LeMoon company built the first truck in Chicago in 1910, using Continental engines.
The majority of the LeMoon sales were in the Chicago area. From 1913 to 1927 the name Nelson-Le-Moon
was used rather than plain LeMoon, though this latter was resumed thereafter.
Production ceased in 1939.  Lifetime production was around 3,000 trucks.

This emblem can be dated from the year 1928 when the plain name was used. It was up for auction in Chicago in 2011 as a part of the Lee Roy Hartung collection ( please see my post Lee Roy Hartung).
This emblem was used for  a very short period

Dimension6.7cm x 3.8 cm

backside with makers mark :  THE D.L. AULD COLUMBUS CO.

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Sep 25, 2018

Fire and flame for radiator emblems

Are you also fire and flame for mascots and emblems ?

So am I  and therefore I had the idea to build  a burning mascot with radiator emblems:

Don´t drive to fast

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Sep 22, 2018


The NP was built in the small town Newport Pagnell / Buckinghamshire /   Great Britain from 1922 to 1925. They offered two chassis, one with a four - cylinder 1,795cc Meadows petrol engine and one with a 2,120cc four -cylinder Meadows engine.
It is said that 395  NP Salmons light cars have been built but Meadow´s sales papers show only 99 engines sold to the Salmons Light Car company.
In any case the radiator emblem is a very rare bird.

emblem missing some enamel
Dimension 6.4  cm
Year1922- 1925

reverse without makers mark

contemporary picture of a NP chassis with radiator and emblem

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Sep 14, 2018


A short lived German company, located in Eisenberg / Thuringia, that started car production  in 1921. First they offered a two seater cycle car with an air cooled engine. The car was very similar with the ROVER Eight.                  In 1922 they moved to Naumburg / Thuringia.
Later the engine was water cooled and there were also four seaters and small trucks.
Production ceased in 1925.  No surviving car is known.

my all time favorite radiator badge

Dimension8.3cm x 6.1  cm
Year1921- 1925

reverse without makers mark

contemporary ad proudly showing the emblem

 models with v-shaped radiator had the emblem mounted on the radiator core

Do you know these two guys ?

The German author Wilhelm Busch already used the comic strip technique in 1865 publishing the story about Max und Moritz. 55 years later the two buys are on a radiator emblem. What a crazy idea !

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Aug 17, 2018


The well known FIAT Company sold the first cars to the public in 1899.
In more then 100 years they used incountable numbers of different car emblems.
You  still can find FIAT emblems never seen before...

To my knowledge this was the first FIAT emblem,  used from 1899 to 1901. This emblem was affixed to the firewall,  i.e. the wall that separates the vehicle interior from the engine compartment.

 7.4 cm x 5.2 cm

1899- 1901

One of my FIAT favorites:

firewall emblem showing the chassis number

This emblem was fixed at the firewall between motor  and passenger compartment.
In Europe it was used from 1901 to 1904. In the States Fiat used this emblem a few years longer.                            The advertisment from 1909 is proving this.

Dimensions 10.7 cm x 6.8 cm
Year1901 - 1909

American FIAT sales brochure of 1909

really bad repro of the firewall emblem

From 1901 onwards FIAT always used a bevelled letter A:

An oval enamelled emblem followed for a full seventeen years, from 1904 until 1921:

On top you see the American FIAT radiator badge enamelled in transparent red and dark blue ( it is from the Lee Roy Hartung collection that was up for auction in 2011,  see post: Lee Roy Hartung).
In the middle the first European oval FIAT emblem, completly flat.
Down the first oval emblem that is curved.

Dimension10.2 cm x 6.0 cm 
Year1904 - 1921

reverse without makers mark

Then came the first round FIAT emblem, red letters on white background. It was affixed to the radiator from 1921 - 1925, of course using a bevelled letter A.

Dimension7.3 cm with laurel

German sales brochure proudly showing the emblem

rare v-shaped version on a FIAT 519 S

Dimension6.8 cm x 8.6 cm

V-shaped emblem of my collection

reverse of the V-shaped emblem

1925 to 1930 came the next stage of evolution:

The typical FIAT blue with white letters emerged. The A is still bevelled top right.

Dimension  5.5 cm
Year1925 - 1930 

there are two sizes: the large emblem is much rarer and more expensiv

In 1930 / 31 the emblem was still round. Left and right from the name FIAT you now find two strokes:

 5.0 cm

1930- 1931

There was also a red version:

In 1932 the FIAT emblem became angular:

This angular form continued to be produced  even after WWII

Dimensions3.4 cm x  5.2 cm
Year1932 - 1939

In the sixties and seventies there was a plastic hood emblem in the prewar style:

Dimensions  7.2 cm
Year1960 - 1970

It wasn´t until the 1980s that the FIAT emblem underwent a radical development. A long rectangle with the four letters FIAT  separated by strokes, with the A no longer being bevelled, emerged for the first time in 1982.  It can thus already be seen that the emblems were continuing to pusue an abstract idea.

Year1982 - 1999

The highlight of abstraction was in the year 2000. Here, for six years FIAT only offered 5 strokes that were intended to symbolise the FIAT emblem:

The automobile drivers had  to inherently place the four letters between the strokes in their thoughts !

Year2000 - 2005

In 2002 came the backwards flip. FIAT recalled its own history and re - affixed the traditionally familiar FIAT lettering, with the A bevelled top right, to the automobiles in a round plastic version, thus citing the emblem of 1925:

Year2002 - 2006

In 2014 the FIAT emblem was re-modernised. The plastic emblem now recieved a red background, which had already been used in the same way in the 1920s and 1930s. This emblem continues to be used today as well.

evaluation for the recent plastic emblem ( middle )

Yearsince 2006
Now we have a look at FIAT special emblems:

FIAT  ISOTTA FRASCHINI radiator emblem


This radiator emblem is for sale. You just have to buy the whole machine, a FIAT chassis with ISOTTA FRASCHINI six cylinder engine. I saw this emblem on  a car offered at the BEAULIEU / ENGLAND swap meet 2013. They told me that the car is from 1905, so this should be one of the earliest enamelled radiator emblems ever made.  Or you buy for the asked price a nice apartement in down town LONDON....

This particular emblem was made by Bregonzio, a defunct radiator emblem factory in Italy. It is a prototype emblem that never found its way on a car radiator. I guess because a tree is not a symbol for motion or speed,....

reverse without makers mark
Dimensions5.3 cm x 10.0 cm

It is a pleasure to collect FIAT emblems. Even if your are collecting since years, you still find unknown FIAT emblems from special series. Here you see the letters FIAT in triangle with sunbeams behind.
Ever seen this emblem on a car ?
FIAT radiator emblem
Dimensions5.4 cm x 4.2 cm

backside without makers mark

Another mysterious FIAT  emblem. I don´t know a second FIAT emblem with white and yellow stripes. Do you ?          I guess it is not prewar; maybe from the fifties or sixties. But it is worth to be mentioned here because of it´s rarity.
FIAT special series
Dimensions5.7 cm x  8.3 cm

Here you see another FIAT emblem I couldn´t specify. The blue is (was) transparent as the red.
Who knows the type ?  Today I know that it is a front badge from FIAT buses of the ninteenfifties.

FIAT radiator emblem without makers mark

Dimensions4.4 x  8.4 cm
Yearca. 1955

1955 FIAT TOPOLINO emblem seen in Italy in 2013

part of my FIAT emblem collection

look at the black enamelled emblem on top of the radiator. It is extremly rare

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