Sep 19, 2016


When talking about the Scuderia you always think at FERRARI. But there was another Scuderia at Milano / Italy in 1946:  The SCUDERIA MILAN !
They only built one car, based an the Alfa Romeo 2600.
The car was sold to Switzerland, than to the USA.

Here I present you the ultra rare emblem of the SCUDERIA MILAN, showing the tower of the cathedral in Milano.

Dimensions 7.0 cm

reverse without makers mark

the painting at the wall is showing the emblem

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Sep 13, 2016


The ETABLISSEMENTS FOURNIER  started car production in Levallois / France in 1913.
They offered small cars under the name of BABY SYLVESTRE, using a Ballot engine for the 4-cylinder car.

In 1920 the famous racing driver  Charles Fournier designed the new ZEILLER FOURNIER, again with a 4-cylinder BALLOT engine.

The 2-cylinder car were apparently always called FOURNIER.

So here I present you the ZEILLER FOURNIER and the FOURNIER emblem:

emblem made with no dams between the colors (like Bugatti !)

Dimensionsca. 3.0 cm x 5.0  cm
Year1920 - 1924

reverse of the ZEILLER FOURNIER (as usual in France: no makers mark )

Here you see the emblem of the 2-cylinder cycle car ( light car):

Dimensions 5.5 cm x 4.0 cm
Year1920 - 1924

I had to buy the whole radiator to get the emblem
In the net you can read that there was no connection between Fournier and Zeiller Fournier.
But there was as they had the same engine supplier ( BALLOT) and even the same adress.

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Sep 11, 2016


The FASTO was a short lived company. They started car production in St.Eloy / France in 1926.
It was an undistinguished car using a 4- and a 6- cylinder engine in a conventional chassis. Nothing special on it.       No production numbers known and the emblem is a hard to find item.

Dimensionsca. 5 cm 
Year1926 - 1929

Reverse of the FASTO emblem:

no makers mark  (as usual in FRANCE)
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Jun 19, 2016


In 1914 at the beginning of WWI  Ferdinand Trummer started his truck production in the Austrian capital city  of Vienna (Wien).
He offered trucks and cars under the name of  WIENER AUTOMOBIL- FABRIK (= W.A.F.)
The Austrian military bought hundreds of his trucks.
After the Great War her offered 4-cylinder, 6-cylinder and even a 8-cylinder car.
Only a few hundreds of cars were built so you have to look years for this emblem

Dimensions 4.9 cm
Year1914 - 1926

reverse with enamel but no makers mark
contemporary ad

1916 truck showing the emblem

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May 31, 2016


The German RÖHR Company -  founded by Gustav Röhr - started late in the automobile industry.
They presented their first car in 1927.
It was a large 8 - cylinder car  in the luxury segment. They sold not many of these car cars so they tried to offer a cheaper 4 - cylinder car, the RÖHR Junior, one of the first  front wheel drive automobiles. It was the "best-seller" for RÖHR ( 1,700 cars ) but not enough to survive.
In 1938 they sold the factory to STOEWER and the RÖHR Junior became the STOEWER Greif.

All RÖHR emblems are hard to find. You have to looks years for them.

Original Röhr 8 emblem made of enamel
Dimensions 2.3 cm x  3.5 cm (badge without base)
Year1927 - 1931


1937 RÖHR OLYMPIER emblem. The insert is a repro made of plastic

this emblem was mounted on the radiator core
Dimensions12.5 cm x 12.0 cm (emblem with metal base)
Year1933 - 1935

insert made of enamel

In 1933 -34 at the Röhr 8 type F there was another  emblem on the radiator just showing the number 8 with ornaments. No script or letters on the grill indicated the public that it was a Röhr.
Question of understatement ?

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Apr 17, 2016


The KRIT  (K-R-I-T)  Motor Co. started car production in Detroit / Michigan in 1909.
They offered four-cylinder cars for the whole of their lives, except for 1913 when a KRIT Six was marketed for that single year.
As emblem the swastika has been selected ( years before Adolf Hitler abused the emblem) to ensure favor of auspicious gods !
The company was in financial trouble most of the time and car production  ceased in 1915.

early KRIT badge made of brass,  without enamel

Dimensions6.8 cm x 6.8 cm

reverse without makers mark

1910 ad with original emblem

KRIT radiator showing the brass badge

Here is one of the most sought after radiator emblems:

round emblem with original colors
Dimensionsca. 6.0 cm
Year1914 - 1915

As it is rare and expensive  Harry Pulfer reproduced this emblem choosing the wrong colors.
The colors red, black and white were used for the NAZI swastika. I have never seen a KRIT radiator with an emblem in these colors. Only accessories like pins and brooches are showing these colors.

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Apr 10, 2016


The PAN-AMERICAN Motors Corporation started car production in Decatur / Illinois in 1917.
It was an assembled car that used a variety of six-cylinder engines from Rutenber, Continental and Herschell-Spillman. The called it: " The American Beauty Car ".
A lower priced four-cylinder car was available from 1919 to 1920.
Their best year was 1920 with 937 cars sold.

In six years  2,200 cars only  were built so you have to look years for an emblem.

This emblem is from the Lee Roy Hartung collection that was up for auction in 2011 (see my post concerning Lee Roy Hartung).

the holes are not original
9.1 cm  x 5.3 cm
1917 - 1922

reverse of an original emblem: no makers mark

look at the details: it is only a repro
reverse of the repro

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Apr 8, 2016


B.A.Gramm was a truck pioneer. In 1925 he   formed a new company with his son W.J.GRAMM. The new company was called the GRAMM Motors Incorporation of Delphos / Ohio.
In 1942 GRAMM dropped truck building and concentrated on trailers and special bodyworks.

The 1926 emblem is on of the most beautiful truck emblems ever built:

Dimensions5.8 cm  x 10.5 cm

reverse with makers mark: FOX COMPANY

GRAMM badge with original ad of 1926

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Mar 31, 2016


The  German FAUN (= Fahrzeugfabriken Ansbach und Nurnberg) started truck production in 1918.
In 1924 to 1927 they offered a private car without any commercial success.
From 1928 to 1990 only commercial trucks were built.

Here I present to you the rare radiator emblem of the private car of 1924:

emblem of the only private car made by FAUN
Dimensionsca. 5 cm 
Year1924 - 1927

To my knowledge this is the oldest enameled truck emblem:

Dimensions7.0 cm x 7.4 cm
Yearca. 1930  

reverse without makers mark

Dimensions7.0 cm x 7.4 cm
Yearca. 1938 

reverse without makers mark

I have never seen a truck or a photo of a truck showing this particular emblem.
Nevertheless it is a wonderful item.
This FAUN emblem is showing a medieval  tower of the old city of Nurnberg

After WWII there were metal emblems only like this nice radiator cap.

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