Jun 27, 2015


Harvey Allen MOYER started car production in Syracuse / New York in 1911.
No other company had been incorporated in this manufacture. The MOYER was a one-man operation.
Their slogan was:  " All Roads are Level to a MOYER ".
They built about 400 cars in 4 years so it quite difficult to find an original MOYER emblem.

This emblem is from the Lee Roy Hartung collection that was liquidated in 2011.

small radiator badge

6,4 cm x  3,0 cm
 1911 - 1915 


flat reverse without makers mark

emblem mounted on the radiator:  don´t know if the bolts are original

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The product of a well-known firm of locomotive builders, the KERR STUART was the first British diesel-engined truck. They used a 11-litre  4-cylinder McLaren Benz of 60 hp. A single cylinder  4 hp  engine was used to start the diesel !   Drive was through a 4-speed gearbox and double chaine drive.  There was no commercial succes. Only few trucks were built so you have to look years for this nice emblem.

the holes are not original

14,0 cm x  7,2 cm
 1929 - 1931 


reverse without makers mark
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Jun 8, 2015


Edoardo Bianchi started his car production in Milano / Italy in 1905.
Vintage BIANCHIS were conservative, but by 1922 they had dohc, with dual magneto ignition and 90 bhp.

In 1955 FIAT bought the factory to build the new AUTOBIANCHI, a car using FIAT components with a little bit more horsepower.

The emblems are showing the eagle of the Duke of Savoy ( Savoia ).
Inside the eagle you see the white cross in a red oval representing the crest of Savoia.

Here I present you a real piece of art. These emblems are made by using a pattern, a very  exigent technique.
A real highlight of my collection !

 emblem from the Bregonzio collection liquidated in 2009
Dimensions 7.4 cm 
Year1910 - 1912

now the eagle is made in brass
Dimensions7.5 cm 
Year 1914

 very large radiator emblem
Dimensions15.5 cm x 14.5 cm 
Year 1934

you can see that the above shown emblem was mounted on the radiator core

This emblem in a form of a shield was mounted at the BIANCHI Tipo S9 in 1934

Dimensions 6.5 cm x 4.5 cm 
Year 1934

emblem from the Bregonzio collection: no idea where it was mounted

Here you see a very nice post war emblem from the AUTOBIANCHI PRIMULA of 1967:

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Jun 7, 2015


The German  MANNESMANN - MULAG  ( = MOTOREN UND LASTWAGEN AG ) started truck production in Aachen one year before WW I in 1913. The monthly output was about 80 - 100 vehicles.
They designed one of the most craziest radiator emblems in truck history:
you see two  men with a rope in their hands standing with both feet firmly on the globe. On the right side you see the truck where this emblem was mounted. Make  your own sense of it........
Nevertheless it is one of my all time favorites.

Dimensions 10.2 cm x 7.5 cm
Year1913 - 1919

reverse without makers mark
before restoration
contemporary ad with emblem

on top you see an original MANNESMANN broche

The MANNESMANN company tried to  enter the privat car business in 1923 without success.
About 2,000 cars were built at the factory in Remscheid. MANNESMANN stopped the production in 1928. Not a single car survived.
The emblem is super rare. You have to look years for it.

still in restoration progress

Dimensions 14.5 cm x 3.3 cm
Year1923 - 1928

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May 31, 2015


The  German HANSA Automobil Gesellschaft started its car production in Varel in 1906. In 1929 HANSA was taken over by BORGWARD - GOLIATH. Production in the Varel works ceased and HANSA cars were subsequently built only in Bremen.

Their best selling model was the HANSA 1100 that appeared in 1934. It had a four - cylinder engine and an all independent suspension. The HANSA 1700 had a six-cylinder engine.

Here you see the first enameled HANSA emblem showing a twelfth-century Northern European trading vessel.             It was fixed on the radiator net.
You have to look years for this nice emblem.

Dimensions 10.5 cm 
Yearca. 1912 - 1913

Here you see the emblem of the best selling HANSA cars. 27,000 cars were sold from the type 1100 and 1700 until 1938 so it is relatively easy to find an original emblem.

on top you see embossed letters

Dimensions8.0 cm x 4.2 cm 
Year1934 - 1939

top: original     down: repro

In 1938 HANSA offered two cars in the range between the middle and the high class:
They had a streamlinded body and a six-cylinder engine. The beginning of WW II stopped the production.  Only a few cars were built.

Dimensions 7.7 cm x 5.7 cm
Year1937 - 1939

Dimensions 5.8 cm x 7.8 cm
Year1937 - 1939

quite the same design: the last prewar emblem and the first post war emblem

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JUMBO Motor truck / Netherlands

In the twenties of the last century the JUMBO Motor Company started its truck production in Helmond / Netherlands.
They built their own chassis and used a lot of FORD components including engines and radiators.
These trucks carried the JUMBO name on the radiator.

After 1930 they specialized in building trailers. To my knowledge they have been in business until 1958.

not sure if the holes are original

 10.0 cm x 4.8cm
 1923 - 1930

JUMBO truck emblem with contemporary picture

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May 8, 2015


ANSALDO radiator emblem
The Company Gio. ANSALDO & C., founded in Genova / Italy in 1853 was without doubt the biggest Italian steel producer. In 1919 they decided to produce automobiles. For this purpose they built  a large factory at Turino / Italy.  In 1931 OM bought the factory.
On all emblems you see two crossed canons, showing the origins of this forgotten  trademark.

Here I´m presenting you an ultra rare ANSALDO emblem. Look at the special technique:
there are no dams between the colors and there is a transparent enameled surface.

Dimensions 5.5 cm
Year1919 - 1931

Look at the motor meter and you see see the emblem !  The photo was taken in 1926/27.

ANSALDO radiator emblem

Here you see another version of the famous ANSALDO emblem with the two crossed canons.
This time the frame is chased and they used a transparent blue so that you can see the metal background showing sunbeams.

Dimensions8.7cm x 3.8 cm 
Year1919 - 1931

                                          reverse of an original emblem. No makers mark

Have you ever seen these two particular ANSALDO emblems ? Don´t think so because these are prototype emblems made by the enamel works of BREGONZIO in Milano / Italy.
ANSALDO decided to use another design but these prototypes were never thrown away.
When BREGONZIO was liquidated in 2009 I was able to buy these fine pieces of art.

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Not much is known about the REILAND &  BREE TRUCK COMPANY of Northbrook / Illinois ( 1924 - 1931).
The first edition of Georgano´s encyclopedia of Commercial trucks, published in 1978, does not mention this firm. All I know is that they were in the goods vehicle business with a load capacity of one ton or over.  So this emblem is a hard to find item. You have to look years for it.

large REILAND & BREE truck emblem from the Lee Roy Hartung collection liquidated in 2011

10,0 cm x  6,2 cm
 1924 - 1931 


reverse with makers mark: S.D. CHILDS CO  CHICAGO

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