Oct 15, 2014


The American STAR,  ( yes, there were also an Italian and a British STAR) was one of the more serious attempts of William.C. DURANT to take away some of the FORD T market, for the cheapest practical car. Less than one year after the first STAR rolled of the assembly line the 100,00th car was produced. For a while the STAR enjoyed export success as the RUGBY.
It is quite easy to find an original STAR emblem.

The first STAR radiator emblem of 1923 was lacquered, no enamel, obviously to expensive.

large STAR radiator emblem

 6.0 cm

One year later the emblem became smaller with blue and white enamel.

 5.1 cm

From 1925 on the STAR was equipped by a three color emblem.

 5.1 cm

From 1926 on you find on the emblem the dragon of the DURANT emblem sitting in a STAR emblem.

4-cylinder radiator emblem

6-cylinder radiator emblem

Dimensions  5.1 cm
Year 1926 -1927

The last year the emblem became oval. This is the only hard to find STAR emblem. 16,00 cars were built this year.

 5.7 cm x 4.8 cm

Here you see my DURANT / STAR / RUGBY/ FLINT collection:

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Oct 11, 2014


The German KOCO  (= Koch & Co) was a cyclecar made in Erfurt / Thuringia from 1921 to 1926. 
The car was equipped with an aircooled opposed 2-cylinder engine. Later there was a watercooled engine.
To my knowlede there are still two cars in existence. One in the official VOLKSWAGEN museum in Wolfsburg, the other is in private hand. 
What you see is a stylised eagle:

v-shaped radiator emblem

4.8 cm x  7.5 cm

 1920 - 1926


reverse with makers mark from W. JAKUBOWSKI  CHEMNITZ  SA. 

KOCO emblem with contemporary pictures

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William C. DURANT, who had built up the GMC and CHEVROLET when it was independent, started his own DURANT brand in 1921 that lasted until 1932. He founded  many other firms as FLINT, FRONTENAC, STAR and RUGBY.

Most of his cars were in the lower price range. In1922 he sold 22,615 DURANT cars. The best year was 1929 with a production of 34,163 cars. But in 1926 and in 1927 not a single car was built.
He restarted 1928 with a production of 28,000 cars. The last year (1932) only 843 cars were sold.

When collecting DURANT radiator emblems you will see that there are four different versions.
All are easy to find and quite inexpensive.

The first DURANT emblem is showing a dragon on the top:

Dimensions4.5 x  6.5cm
Year1921 - 1926

Here you see the same emblem in three different shapes:

left: original                   middle: restored             right: attic find

The second and the third DURANT emblems are showing the letter D.
Now the dragon moved down to the bottom and became much smaller.

Dimensions3.9 x  6.0cm
Year 1928

In 1929 the letter D became white:

Dimensions3.9 x  6.0 cm
Year 1928

In 1930 there was a completly new design  of the emblem with red and white fields:

Dimensions3.0 x  5.5 cm
Year1930 - 1932

Collection of radiator emblems of the DURANT family of automobiles

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Oct 6, 2014


The BUSH Motor Company of Chicago  (1916 - 1925) was founded by John H. Bush.
The BUSH was a mail-order car.  When an order was received he sent  the customer´s check to an established company that built this car for him, for example PIEDMONT, SPHINX, NORWALK, HUFFMAN and CROW-ELKHART. Then a BUSH nameplate was fitted to the radiator and the car was shipped directly to the customer. After 1925 no more car producer was willing to deal with him this way and the BUSH Motor Company went out of business.
The first BUSH radiator emblem was round with blue enamel and white letters (still missing in my collection...).

Here you see the last BUSH radiator emblem from a BUSH de Luxe !

BUSH radiator emblem

5.5 cm x  

 1916 - 1925


Did you know that there was also a CARTER, a ROOSEVELT a LINCOLN  and of course a FORD car ? But only one car was named after a president. Guess which one ?

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Oct 5, 2014


MINERVA was Belgium´s pioneer make, with Knight sleeve valve engines after 1909, attained high retail sales as fast  tourers (Charles S. Rolls was the London agent) as well as rather more formal cars for the nobility and gentry before the first World war.
In the Twenties MINERVA produced a wide range of humble Fours for the mass market, but a return to the upper crust with the AK 5.9-litre and AL 6.6 litre  (undoubtedly excellent cars) meant that MINERVA succumbed to harsh Depression winds and closes down car production in 1939.
Trucks were made until 1948 and the Land Rover was produced under license until 1956.

Here you see the well know MINERVA emblem made with white and red enamel showing the roman goddess MINERVA of wisdom.

Here the MINEREVA goddess is looking to the right

 6.3 cm 
1911 - 1929

MINERVA automobile seen at Brussels in the Autoworld museum

MINERVA goddess looking to the left saying " Anvers Belgique"  

Here you can read: " Antwerp Belgium"

 6.3 cm 

There are much more MINERVA emblems.
This is the one year only 1929 blue emblem. It  is much rarer.

MINERVA goddess looking to the right

 6.3 cm 

MINERVA 1929 emblem with contemporary ad

Did you know that there was  an oval emblem ?

7.o cm x  5.5 cm

 1933 - 1937


Another  MINERVA emblem without  any enamel:

radiator emblem without enamel seen in Brussels at the Autoworld Museum

radiator emblem without enamel  seen in Brussels at the Autoworld Museum

Last not least there was a prototype emblem for the MINERVA SS with a twelve cylinder radial engine.
This protype emblem is made by Harry Pulfer who reproduced in the Nineteensixties a lot of extraordinairy emblems. The MINERVA 12 cylinder  car never went in production

Prototype emblem made by Harry Pulfer

After WWII from 1953 to 1956 the company produced a version of the Land Rover under license for the Belgian army

large aluminium radiator emblem

Dimensions17.0 x  10.5 cm
Year1953 - 1956

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Sep 11, 2014


The BEN HUR Motor Co was a short lived company. It started car production in 1917. The founder L.L. Allen named the car after the street Ben Hur Avenue where the factory plants were situated because already in 1917 there had been half a dozen of car manufacturers named Allen.
Maybe 40 cars have been built in two years and so the emblem is one of the most wanted emblems by any serious collector. The last original BEN HUR emblem was sold via ebay in 2007 for more than 1,000 USD !

BEN HUR radiator emblem

Dimensions  5.3 cm x 5.0
Year1917 - 1918


emblem  reverse with makers mark: ROBBINS CO ATTLEBORO  MASS

Pay attention:  there is a repro made by Harry Pulfer  in the sixties.It looks quite different:

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Aug 27, 2014


The TULSA Automobile Corporation started  in Oklahoma in 1918 and went out of car production in 1922.
It was a typical assembled car of the period.
Their slogan was:  "The Peer of the West" and   "It Conquered the World`s worst roads ".
In five years they sold 1,159 cars. Their best years was 1921 with a production of 723 cars.
After 1922 they stayed in business as auto parts makers.

Here is an original TULSA emblem that has a flat reverse with maker´s mark.

Property of the K. Hohl collection

3.9 cm x  7.6 cm

 1918 - 1922


In the nineteensixties Harry Pulfer from California made a fine repro of the TULSA emblem as you can see here:

TULSA repro emblem 

For more information about Harry Pulfer see alphabetical list top right.

 reverse of the repro emblem without maker´s mark

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