Jan 3, 2020


The German PAWI Automobilwerk - named after his founder PAUL V. WILKE - was a very short lived cyclecar  manufacturer.  They used a 18 hp four-cylinder 1598 cubic engine.  In one year they built less than 50 cars so the emblem is a real rarity.

emblem from the Hannu Aalto collection
Sizeca.  6.0 cm


backside without makers mark

1921 advertisment showing the PAWI overtaking a much bigger car....

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Dec 22, 2019


The American LEWIS was a short lived Motor car company ( 1914 -1916 ).
The three partners William M. Lewis, the french born René M. Pétard and James M. Cram founded the company in Racine / Wisconsin. Before all three had worked for the better known Mitchell.
The home built engine was designed by René M. Pétard. It was a 6-cylinder engine with 60 bhp.
While WWI  René Petard left the States to serve in the French army and W. M. Lewis wasn´t able to continue without his chief-engineer  production ceased in 1916.

LEWIS emblem showing the french Fleur-de-Lys. You can find the same symbol on the BRISCOE emblem !

flat reverse without makers mark but you still can see two spots of the original solder

To my knowledge there is a second  version of this emblem with inversed colors(blue background and white Fleur-deLys)

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Dec 16, 2019


The ITALA  ( not ITALIA ) SA Fabricca Automobili was founded by Matteo Ceirano and Guido Bigio in 1904.  Before M. Ceirano was an importeur of French cars as Panhard et Levassor  and Clement. The first ITALA was technically close to the new Mercedes from Daimler / Germany.
In 1906 ITALA presented the first range of giant race cars. Their best selling car was the Tipo 61, offered from 1924 onwards. The last ITALA car was the Tipo 75 . Production ceased in 1935.
In 30 years they sold about   3,000 cars and used a handful of different car emblems.  On every emblem the letter A in the middle of the name was larger then the other letters.

It seems that the first two ITALA emblems were made of brass only:

From 1908 on  the emblems were enameled:

Size9.5 cm x 4.8 cm

Year 1908 - 1913


contemporary picture showing clearly the emblem

In 1912 ITALA presented a new emblem in the art nouveau style.
A much sought after emblem !

Size ca. 8.5 cm x 6.7cm
Year1912 - 1916


one of the rare survivor ( seen in Italy )

In 1920 the emblem became oval:                                                                                                 
emblem of the ITALA TIPO 50

 8.8 cm x 4.5 cm

backside without makers mark

There were two versions of the round emblem. The older emblem is showing the letters in brass only:

backside with makers mark from Johnson / Milano

On the next version the letters are filled with white enamel:

contemporary ad showing the round emblem

For a short time there was also a vee - shaped radiatorwith emblem:

Dimension8.2 cm x 5.1 cm

Year 1924


1924 advertisment showing the vee - shaped radiator with emblem

ITALA advertisment showing a race car with vee - shaped radiator

In 1926 ITALA presented the new TIPO 61 that became a bestseller:

Size4.3 cm x 7.1 cm

Year 1926 - 1930


backside without makers mark

contemprary picture showing the rectangular TIPO 61 emblem

Last not least there was a very beautiful motometer emblem:

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Dec 1, 2019

WIIMA / Finland

The WIIMA, founded by Antti Wiima, was the most famous coach builder for  buses in the nineteenfifties and sixties in Finland.
The used VOLVO engines and so it  seems to be logical that they were bought out by VOLVO in 2008.

first WIIMA bus badge with winged chrome base

 7.6 x 7.5 cm (emblem only )
1958 - 1965

left: early enameled version              right: later plastic version

In 1957 Antti Wiima constructed a microcar that was based on the German Goggomobil.
As there was no demand for this car a prototype was built only.

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Nov 15, 2019

The six most funniest radiator emblems

Why be serious ?  You always have the chance to make the public smile. Here you see six
radiator emblems mounted on the car by  factory.  These are not accessory badges !
Five emblems were made in the nineteen - twenties in Germany resp. Great Britain. One in the States in 1969 / 71.
Why not put a bee, a devil, Batman or two scalawags  (designed by Wilhelm Busch) on the radiator ?

Here are my personal favorites:

1.  DIABOLO / GERMANY  ( 1925 - 1927 )
even a devil can be sympathic

2.  PLUTO / GERMANY ( 1924 - 1927 )

1926 PLUTO cyclecar radiator emblem

3. DODGE / USA ( 1968 - 1971 )
Why not using a bee with sunglasses and wheels for a muscle car ?

4.  OMIKRON / GERMANY ( 1921 - 1925 )

25 years before the first Batman comic !

5.  PETER und MORITZ  / GERMANY ( 1921 - 1925 )

1921 radiator emblem showing two famous German guys

6. MASCOTTE / UK ( 1919 - 1921 )

In spite of the attractive women the MASCOTTE cyclecar became not a bestseller

And here is one more. You find this emblem on the hood of the GORDON KEEBLE (1963 -1967 ).

Why not put a turtle on a sports car with 4.6  L.  V8 engine !

Thank you John for the advice !

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Nov 10, 2019

Carhartt / USA

Contrary to all expections you find a lot about the Carhartt Automobil Corporation of Detroit / Michigan that was founded by Hamilton Carhartt who made his money in the clothing manufacturing business. He started car production in 1910 offering two models, the  Junior  "25-30" and the "30-35".
The company still announced a new model for 1912, but probably it was never produced.
It seems that not a single car  survives today. The only remaining things are  radiator emblems showing the car with a lot of details:  the rear brake drums, the hand brake, the klaxon etc.. This is a very sought - after emblem !
Giving up the automobile production in 1912 the company put all energy into the production of clothing for working women and men. The company is still in this business and well known for quality clothing products. For more information go to: www.carhartt.com/content/history-auto

When your family name is Carhartt and your are producing a car,  the heart behind the car seems to be a logical emblem design:

 You can read the latin words: ECCE SIGNUM, that means: what a sign !

Size 6.1 cm
Year1910 - 1911


backside with makers mark from Whitehead & Hoag

contemporary photo showing the radiator, the script and the emblem

1911 ad for the CARHARTT THIRTY - FIVE

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