Apr 13, 2014

HANOVER Motor Company

The HANOVER Motor Company was organized in Hanover, Pennsylvania in 1921. It was a miniature of a full size car with an air-cooled twin engine. An unusual feature was the choice of left or right hand drive. In 1921 only 133 cars were produced. In 1922 they sold 25 cars.  That year the company moved to Buffalo, New York. The last years may be 26 cars were sold.

Emblem from the last years. The feather is symbolizing the light weight of the car.

Dimensions4.9 cm x  6.4 cm

Year 1921 - 1927


HANOVER emblem with contemporary ad

In this advertisement you can read: "  The demand for this wonderful automobile has forced the company to enlarge the facilities to manufacture and to make an output in 1922 that will aggregate 80 cars a day or about 21,000 for the year. "
The truth is that HANOVER´s total production for its entire history is a little bit more than 200 cars !

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Apr 9, 2014


The YELLOW CAB MANUFACTURING COMPANY was established in 1920 by John D. Hertz.
From 1921 the company manufactured passenger cars and light trucks.
The company was sold to GENERAL MOTORS in 1925.

Here you see three emblems dating from the first period:

radiator emblem of the YELLOW CAB
Dimensions5.8 cm

Year 1920 - 1925


 original radiator emblem without enamel

 5.8 cm
1920 - 1925

Have you ever seen a radiator emblem showing the drivers side rear quarter view of the car ?
No?  But here it comes:
silvered radiator emblem
Dimensions5.8 cm

Year 1920 - 1925


reverse of three original YELLOW CAB MANUFACTURING CO emblems

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Apr 4, 2014


Erret Lobban CORD , who cut such a swathe through the American motoring scene in the Twenties and Thirties with AUBURN and DUESENBERG, gave his own name to the first big-time, front-wheel-drive American car, the excellent but commercially dubios L29 model of 1929. Fewer than 4,500 cars were built. So you have to look years for an original emblem !

Original CORD emblem mounted as crank hole cover

Dimensions5.8 cm x 4.2 cm

Year 1929 - 1936


The original CORD emblem is a two - piece emblem ! The repro is as a one piece emblem.
So this is evidently a repro:

left: original with maker´s mark THEDLAULDCO                    right: repro without maker´s mark

Do you want to know where the design of the emblem is coming from ?
Errett Lobban CORD´s family came from Scottland so he used the scottish family emblem of McCord.

Thank you Guiseppe for the information


The German APOLLO manufactury started car production in  Apolda, a small town in Thuringia / Germany in 1910. The first years they were quite successful with the model PICCOLO.
Karl Slevogt, who had worked as engineer for LAURIN & KLEMENT , was engaged by APOLLO. A 1921 prototype with a V-8 engine was not put into production.

APOLLO radiator script

Dimensions 7.0 cm x 13.5 cm

reverse without maker´s mark

APOLLO with contemporary ad
                                 If you look precisely you see the script on the radiator core !

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Mar 28, 2014


Alfa Romeo is showing the city arms of Milan in Italy and a snake with a child in it's mouth. There are a lot of varieties of this emblem but they are almost always round. I'm showing a Alfa Romeo Paris emblem. Alfa built only 12 cars in Paris with this emblem. All the others are from Milan.


Here you see a very, very rare rectangular ALFA ROMEO emblem. It is from the Bregonzio collection
(Milano / Italy) liquidated in 2009.

ALFA ROMEO emblem, flat reverse, no maker´s mark

Dimensions6.1 cm x 3.7

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MOON Motor car radiator emblem

Nomen est omen: If your name is Joseph Moon  you have to put a moon on the emblem of your car you are producing. This emblem is from 1917 when Moon sold 1,933 cars. Not easy to find this emblem. On the backside there is a makers make: ROBBING CO ATTELBORO MASS

Dimensions5.2 cm x 6.8 cm

MOON radiator emblem. No maker´s mark on the reverse
This MOON emblem was one year only emblem. In 1915 you saw it on the radiator when MOON sold 1,713 cars. So you have to look years for it.

Dimensions 5.2 cm x 6.8 cm

Moon radiator emblem badge 1925 1926 1927
MOON Motor car St. Louis radiator emblem

This nice emblem is from the best selling MOON car. Their production peak was 1925 with 7,567 cars sold. A very sought-after emblem. But you still find an original, so don´t buy a reproduction.

Dimensions 5.2 cm x 6.8 cm
Year1920 - 1924

Moon radiator emblem badge
MOON radiator emblem
To my knowledge this is the first enameled MOON Motor car radiator emblem they built. I guess that it is from 1912. I have never seen a second one.
If someone has a contemporary picture or ad,  please let me know. It is a large emblem with a flat backside.
This one is reenameled.
Dimensions7.8 cm x 5.3 cm
Yearca. 1912

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Mar 22, 2014


AUBURN -  named after the town in Indiana - had been in existence since 1900 and had done well with a succession of Edwardians from high-wheelers to big Four and Sixes, using the Rutenber and Continental engines.
From 1924 on, when E.L. CORD took over, AUBURN became an outstanding company.
The new designer Mr. Crawford created an entirely new range of cars. The basic designs were advanced and consequently remained in production until 1930.

Here you see the very, very rare 1916 radiator emblem.Only 2,686 cars were built.

AUBURN radiator emblem

Dimensions5.9 cm x 7.9 cm

Year 1916 -1917


reverse of the 1916 AUBURN raditor emblem: no maker´s mark

In 1918 they presented the new AUBURN BEAUTY SIX and wrote this name on the radiator emblem so everybody had to believe that it is a beauty !

Dimensions5.9 cm x  7.9 cm
Year1919 - 1923

reverse of the 1919 AUBURN emblem: no maker´s mark

1924 was a very difficult year for AUBURN. There was an over-production and more than 700 cars stayed unsold after fabrication on the company parking.
The first idea from Mr. Errett Lobban CORD was to chop the the top of these cars to give them a modern design. Also he added more chrome and a new radiator emblem.
While sales reached new records AUBURN turned to this black emblem, pronouncing that this firm was already established in 1900.

Dimensions5.9 cm x  7.9 cm
Year1924 - 1930

After 1930 there was no enameled radiator emblem, only a smaller chromed badge:

Dimensions4.0 cm x  6.2 cm
Year1930 - 

reverse of the 1931 emblem with maker´s mark:  FOX COMPANY

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Mar 19, 2014


DELAUNAYS ( 1904 to 1950)  were known for smoothness and silence at a time when these were rare commodities.
The cars were also very individual in their looks,  and their round bonnet and radiator were a reference to the steam boiler origins of the company.
The last model in serious production was the R16, basically a hastily revamped Mercedes-Benz 230 available from 1936 to 1939 and again for five years after 1945.

Usually there was only a script on the DELAUNAY radiator.
Here I present you the only enameled radiator emblem ever made.


 5.8 cm x 4.8 cm

Mar 16, 2014


This happens when you are collecting emblems. You see an interesting vintage badge on a swap meet from a never heard firm. The vendor swears that it is a car emblem, precisely a French bus emblem, so you buy it.
At home you find no information at all. But one day you get it. You see an contemporary ad and there is the solution.

No car or bus emblem at all. I bought an emblem from an accessory car heater, made in Berlin in 1928.

Mar 9, 2014


MOTOBLOC was a French automobile manufacturer buildung cars from 1902 to 1931 in Bordeaux / South of France. The name is for an innovative engine design that combined engine, clutch and gearbox in a single main casing. MOTOBLOC  had a local importance only.
On all emblems you see the crescent moons: the symbole of Boreaux also known as The Port de la Lune
because of the location on a crescent-shaped bend in the Garonne River.

V-shaped radiator emblem
Dimensions12 cm x 12 cm

This is the enameled MOTOBLOC emblem. You have to look years for it.
The colors of the cresent moons are blue, white and red as the national flag of France, The Tricolore.
flat radiator emblem


Year 1912


This is the next version of the enameled radiator emblem. It is as rare as the 1912 emblem !

curved radiator emblem

Dimensions7.1 cm

Year 1920


reverse of an original MOTOBLOC emblem

This is the last MOTOBLOC emblem.
white only, the colors are gone.

Dimensions7.1 cm

Year 1930