Apr 26, 2013


Sizewith frame 9 cm x 4.3 cm
Year1928 - 1930

 This is the hard to find emblem of the very first DKW car. They started the production of the type P 15  in 1928. On their motocycles you see the same emblem, but there was  a decal only. Here it is a two color enamel emblem in a frame.

 D.K.W. that  means: Dampf KraftWagen ( Steam Power Automobile ).

 Later the abbreviation was also used for: The (Das)  little  (Kleine)  Wonder  (Wunder). What a nice idea for a new car.


DKW motorcycle with painted emblem


The next photo is showing the DKW 4=8 with the above shown badge and a mascot they used for a short time only.

photo of  the Michael Schlenger collection ( see: www.vorkriegs-klassiker-rundschau.blog )

DKW mascot for the type 4 = 8 made in 1930.

1930 DKW 4=8 on a contemporary photo

my radiator exposition with DKW 4=8  ( second from right )

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