May 5, 2013


DIXI radiator emblem

Before it became BMW it was DIXI, a licensed British AUSTIN. They started production in 1927. Here you see the oval emblem with a yellow centaur on a blue background. This is the rarest version.

5.6 cm x 6.9 cm

the large DIXI emblem is from a truck
Four stars for the truck radiator emblem:

10.5 cm x  8.3 cm

display of a black emblem on a contemporary advertisment showing the same emblem
Dimension5.6 cm x 7.1 cm
Year1921- 1928

1925 advertisment showing the emblem on top of the radiator

Very early DIXI radiator with mascot. The DIXI name is engraved only.

One of the oldest DIXI radiator emblems. It was painted in red, not enamelled.

1904 DIXI radiator emblem

The radiator mascot on the photo above was available with and without a crown. It was patented without a crown:

the mascot was registered and patented in 1904

mascot without crown

1918 advertisment, the last year of the Great War.

display of a DIXI emblem collection ( the black and the white badges are bicycle emblems )

Not only DIXI but also ROSENGART, BANTAM and DATSUN acquired a license from AUSTIN.

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