May 31, 2013


HUDSON DOVER radiator emblem badge vintage 1929 1930 1931
Original DOVER HUDSON radiator emblem
The DOVER was the gasoline truck from HUDSON. The best of the car was this nice emblem showing a flying horse called Pegasus. They only built this car from 1929 to 1930. It is a rare and expensive emblem, so there are reproductions. But I can tell you if it is a reproduction. Please look at the next picture.

Dimensions5.8 cm x 8.1  cm
Year1929 - 1930

Here you see two DOVER emblems and the copy of the original trademark drawing. If you look close you see that there is a certain distance between the head of the horse and the frame of the emblem. The left emblem ( the original )  and the trademark drawing is showing this distance you miss on the right emblem !
It is not easy to make a 100 percent copy !
Also there is a makers mark on the (flat)  back of the original: ROBBINS CO ATTLEBORO

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