Jun 2, 2013


MOLINE KNIGHT radiator emblem

The MOLINE was called after the town in Illinois where made. They started car production in 1904.
"The Car of the Unfailing Service" as their slogan said, that won the the Chicago Reliability run and other endurance contests. As a result the cars were proudly referred to as DRAEDNOUGHT MOLINES.  In 1914 the new president Vandervoort replaced MOLINE´s battleship emblem by a medallion featuring Sir Galahead, "the most perfect of King Arthur´s Knight´s." In 1920 the MOLINE - KNIGHT was continued in production under the new marque nameof R&V KNIGHT [Kimes, Clark].

Here you see Sir Galahead !
Dimensions11.7 x 6.3  cm

In  15 years of ebay observation I only saw one original (this one) but a lot of reproductions.
So look at the back:
reverse of the original

For more beautiful emblems from other automobiles see top right of this page ( list of car makers ).

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