Aug 3, 2013



The French car maker DE DION BOUTON started early into the automobile business. In 1883 they produced steam cars. They launched their first petrol engines ten years later. At first they were installed in tricycles.
Here you see their first emblem, it is from a tricycle.. The emblem is showing a wheel with wings inside and letters for the type. DE DION´S swansong was a straight-eight  - the 16CV with 2.5 litres and overhead valves in 1932 [Georgano].

Dimensions 13.5 cm x 12.9 cm
Year1893 - 1903

Then there was another brass emblem like this:

Dimensions  12 cm
Year1904 - 1907

1908 DE DION BOUTON introduced the famaous enameled radiator emblem that we find on the radiator until 1914.  Don´t buy a repro. There are still enough fine originals. If you need an original one just ask me.

radiator emblem with winged wheel
Dimensions6.0 cm 
Year1908 - 1914

reverse of an original emblem

DE DION BOUTON badge with contemporary art deco ad

After WW 1 DE DION BOUTON restarted with a new model and a new radiator without emblem. Only a script was mounted on the grill.

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