Sep 24, 2013


AUSTRALIAN SIX radiator emblem
Not much is known about the AUSTRALIAN SIX company that lived from 1918 to 1926.
It was an assembled car using standard components. It was eqipped with an Rutenber engine made in Chicago / USA.
Their slogan was: Made in Australia,  by Australians, for Australia.
May be 500 cars were sold.

There were two different emblems:

On one one you can read: ARMOR SYDNEY.
On the other:                      BUILT ASHFIELD SYDNEY

Year1918 - 1926

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  1. Hi It is believed that the first few Australian Six cars built at F H Gordon’s premises at Rushcutters Bay had the AMOR name on the radiator badge. When production started at the Ashfield factory ,the radiator badge reflected the change with the words “ Built Ashfield Sydney”