Oct 15, 2013

NAG / Germany Berlin

 NAG / BERLIN / GERMANY  ( 1902 - 1934 )

Neue Automobil - Gesellschaft (NAG) was a German automobile manufacturer in Berlin.
In 1915 it was renamed Nationale Automobil - Gesellschaft (NAG).
In 1902 they started with the 1 - cylinder "Klingenberg Motor Car".
In 1924 NAG partnered with BRENNABOR, LLOYD and HANSA to form the GDA ( = Gemeinschaft Deutscher Automobilfabriken) to prevent competition from destroying them all.
It proved successful for NAG.

The first NAG emblem was patented and registered in 1908. To my knowledge there was never an enameled emblem like this.

1907 advertisment for the Austrian market

First enameled NAG  emblem. It was screwed to the radiator
Size5.6 cm x 5.0 cm
Year1908 - 1909

first NAG emblem   ( see above ) after polishing

1911 advertisment still with the old emblem

NAG emblem with frame

Size 5.6 cm x 5.0 cm
Year1923 - 1926

see the emblem on the bar between the headlights

1920 NAG hub cap

1924 advertisment  celebrating a new world record and showing proudly the emblem

another variaton of the NAG emblem

1927 advertisment with two emblems ( top left ), the building in the background is still existing

next variation of the NAG emblem
In 1926 Siemens - Schuckert, who built PROTOS, sold their car division to NAG . PROTOS cars were built for a short time under NAG management, but production ceased in 1926.
So here you can see the 1926 emblem:

1926 radiator emblem

1926 advertisment for the 6-cylinder NAG PROTOS

1926 sales brochure showing the  emblem

1928 advertisment showing the last NAG - PROTOS (type Baden - Baden) and a rare special emblem

1928 advertisment for GDA vehicles ( NAG, HANSA and BRENNABOR )

last NAG PROTOS radiator emblem before the factory was closed

1928 advertisment with emblem

last NAG PROTOS, seen in a German collection

hubcap of the last NAG PROTOS

Factory photo of the 1931 NAG V8 prototype with special emblem on the barr between the lamps

this was the end: the NAG VORAN (=frontwheeldrive) was the last NAG ever built

The NAG VORAN emblem is a rare piece. Only around 500 vehicles were built. The car was not technically well-engineered and therefore sold very poorly. After this failure, NAG gave up automobile production.

emblem in as-found condition

Size 3.0 cm x 4.1 cm

backside without makers mark

And here you see an early truck emblem:

In 1927 NAG bought the Saxonian PRESTO company. For a very short time - may be one year - they offered a NAG - PRESTO. A small and a large emblem is known from this period:

Size5.1 cm x 7.5 cm
3.8 cm x 5.5 cm

In 1934 NAG ceased car production, while NAG - BÜSSING commercial vehicles continued to be produced for a few more years.

large prewar truck emblem

Size10.5 cm x 9.0 cm

Year1934 - 1937

  Here you can see the last emblem with NAG on it.

BÜSSING NAG truck emblem 1938

1938 advertisment with radiator only            

Normally all NAG emblems are white and green. But here you see an original emblem in white, blue and red. I guess that it is an export emblem as I found it in Denmark.
NAG three color emblem

The next photo is showing a 1907 NAG Puck, photographed in the nineteensixties on a veteran car run in Leinster /Great Britain

I suspect that NAG not only built vehicles, but also accessories for the car, as can be seen by comparing the brochures with emblems:

There was also a copyright in the 1920s, so it would have been too bold to copy the NAG emblem in this way ( brochures collection Michael Schlenger)

advertisment for the automobile shown above

very early NAG radiator with chassis plate on top

NAG factory in 1914 in Berlin - Oberschoeneweide

the same building in 2017

        Impressive NAG collection

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