Nov 11, 2013


INVICTA radiator emblem : no chance for a picture without reflections

INVICTA (1925 - 1935) a marque whose reputation rests on one very rare model: the 4.5 - litre S Type of 1930/ 1931. By 1933 the Depression had killed off this tiny firm.

This original emblem is rare as the car. A very sought - after emblem. You have to look years after it.

Dimensions 4.5 cm x 16.5 cm
Year1930 / 1931


Pay attention: there are reproductions so look at the colors and the backside (no makers mark)
this is like an original emblem must look

INVICTA type S 1930  seen in Beaulieu 2013

In 1932 there was a quite simple emblem
Dimensions2.9 cm x 8.3 cm

                             In 1946 the old name was revived to a luxury car called the BLACK PRINCE:
I don´t know if this emblem was ever mounted on a radiator.
Dimensions5.9 cm x  10.4 cm
Year1946 - 1950

For more beautiful emblems see top right ofthis page (list of car makers) !

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