Dec 8, 2013


The American WAVERLEY Company situated in Indianapolis produced electric cars from 1898 on.
On this emblem they proudly present the dates between 1899 and 1911 when winning an award for the electric car.  Like many electrics the WAVERLEY was given a pronounced hood and the look of a gasoline car by 1912 [Georgano]. In 1916 they closed.

WAVERLEY radiator emblem
This emblem has more than 100 years. It is from the Lee Roy Hartung collection (for more informations please go to the Lee Roy Hartung page) that was put up for auction in 2011 and it is in a perfect shape.

Dimensions 6.9 cm


backside with makers mark: CHAS. M. ROBBINS CO. ATTLEBORO MASS.

On this contemporary ad of 1912 you see the crest of WAVERLY, also used on the emblem.
Any questions concerning the range of the 1912 WAVERLEY ?
"More milage than any day requires" is the answer as you can read !

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