Feb 11, 2014


The four DIATTO brothers, Giovanni Batista, Vincenzo, Giovanni and Pietro founded the " FRATELLI DIATTO" Motor car company in Turino / Italy in 1905. They started the car production together with Adolphe CLEMENT, so the first DIATTO car was an Italian / French cooperation.

In 1909 the company got a new name, now it was called: DIATTO FONDERIE OFFICINE FREJUS.

Here you see the 1909 emblem, a fine and rare piece of art  déco.

no maker´s mark on the reverse
Dimension6.8 cm x 10.0 cm

Year 1909


After  WW 1 the company was reorganized and offered cars under the name of DIATTO FREJUS.
Here you see the 1918 radiator emblem, an ultra rare piece and a master piece in the emblem world.
The center of the emblem displays a monument. Male figures are climbing the slopes and on the top there is an angel. This monument is dedicated to the ingenieurs and workers who built the oldest large railway tunnel crossing the Alps from Italy to France, passing under the Col du Fréjus.
On the bottom left of the emblem the tunnel entrance can be seen, on the bottom right the silhouette of the Turin fabrication plant. Headquarter´s adress of the company was Via Fréjus 21 which may have inspired the company to integrate the name and the reminesence to the tunnel (monument) in the companies names and emblems.

 7.7 cm x 6.6 cm


reverse of the original emblem
 The factory building is still in situ today as is the monument to which I travelled in order to allow a contemporary comparison between the emblem and the subject shown:

Pay attention, there  are (bad) reproductions as shown here:

DIATTO factory Via Fréjus in 2014

On this round radiator badge the name of the home - town is written in German or French. May be it was an export emblem as the DIATTO company also sold cars in Germany.

8.0 cm 
Yearca. 1918

here you can read TORINO

seen on 1912 DIATTO car

Here comes the next DIATTO emblem. When buying it I thought it was made before the quite well known oval DIATTO emblem was used. Now I know that it is right as I found a 1917 manual / parts list showing this badge on the front page !

 8.3 cm x 3.6 cm


extremly rare 1917 parts list 

Finally here is the  oval DIATTO emblem in red with white letters,  made in the BUGATTI style. You don´t have to wonder because DIATTO had a BUGATTI licence for an 8 cylinder aero  engine and the BUGATTI T 30 was sold in Italy with a DIATTO radiator. There are two versions:

 Version 1  

 3.8 cm x 7.7 cm
1920 - 1927

Version 2:  Emblem of the DIATTO car of the MUSEO DELL´AUTOMOBILE DI TORINO

colorful advertisment showing proudly the emblem

this advertisment shows that the DIATTO company tried to export to Germany

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