Mar 22, 2014


AUBURN -  named after the town in Indiana - had been in existence since 1900 and had done well with a succession of Edwardians from high-wheelers to big Four and Sixes, using the Rutenber and Continental engines.
From 1924 on, when E.L. CORD took over, AUBURN became an outstanding company.
The new designer Mr. Crawford created an entirely new range of cars. The basic designs were advanced and consequently remained in production until 1930.

Here you see the very, very rare 1916 radiator emblem.Only 2,686 cars were built.

AUBURN radiator emblem

Dimensions5.9 cm x 7.9 cm

Year 1916 -1917


reverse of the 1916 AUBURN raditor emblem: no maker´s mark

In 1918 they presented the new AUBURN BEAUTY SIX and wrote this name on the radiator emblem so everybody had to believe that it is a beauty !

Dimensions5.9 cm x  7.9 cm
Year1919 - 1923

reverse of the 1919 AUBURN emblem: no maker´s mark

1924 was a very difficult year for AUBURN. There was an over-production and more than 700 cars stayed unsold after fabrication on the company parking.
The first idea from Mr. Errett Lobban CORD was to chop the the top of these cars to give them a modern design. Also he added more chrome and a new radiator emblem.
While sales reached new records AUBURN turned to this black emblem, pronouncing that this firm was already established in 1900.

Dimensions5.9 cm x  7.9 cm
Year1924 - 1930

After 1930 there was no enameled radiator emblem, only a smaller chromed badge:

Dimensions4.0 cm x  6.2 cm
Year1930 - 

reverse of the 1931 emblem with maker´s mark:  FOX COMPANY

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