Mar 9, 2014


MOTOBLOC was a French automobile manufacturer building cars from 1902 to 1931 in Bordeaux / South of France. The name is for an innovative engine design that combined engine, clutch and gearbox in a single main casing. MOTOBLOC  had a local importance only.
On all emblems you see the crescent moons: the symbole of Bordeaux also known as The Port de la Lune
because of the location on a crescent-shaped bend in the Garonne River.

Vee-shaped radiator emblem
Size12 cm x 12 cm

This is the enameled MOTOBLOC emblem. You have to look years for it.
The colors of the cresent moons are blue, white and red as the national flag of France, The Tricolore.
flat radiator emblem


Year 1912


This is the next version of the enameled radiator emblem. It is as rare as the 1912 emblem !

curved radiator emblem

Size7.1 cm

Year 1920


reverse of an original MOTOBLOC emblem

oval MOTOBLOC radiator emblem
Dimensions5.0 x 5.5 cm

Year 1925


This is the last round  MOTOBLOC emblem.
white only, the colors are gone to simplify production

Size7.1 cm

Year 1930


1923 MOTOBLOC advertisment showing on top  the emblem

this is a (bad) repro  made in England missing all details !

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