May 5, 2014


The Dansk Automobil Byggeri  (= DAB) built buses and trucks in Silkeborg, a small town in Denmark from 1912 to 2003. They produced for the local market;  to my knowledge they  sold  a few buses to Poland and Sweden only.                In the twenties they had a licence from the German NAG. When BÜSSING took over NAG they acquired a licence from the German BÜSSING. So the first enameled DAB emblem was in the NAG style.
You see it here:

part of the Murray Shears colletion




Now you see the second enameled emblem they used. It shows the lion of BÜSSING but here the lion  is looking to the left while the same lion from BÜSSING is always looking to the right.

9.8 cm x  15.1 cm



There was another prewar version with blue enamel:

After WWII the enameled emblem became flat. Finally there was a small brass emblem only:

For more beautiful car emblems see top right (list of car makers)

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