Jun 1, 2014


The DANIELS MOTOR COMPANY was a vintage era American automobile company, founded by George E. Daniels         ( former president of Oakland) and Neff E. Parish (owner of the Parish pressed steel company).
With custom coachwork the DANIELS was a bespoke car, so only built to order, first using a Hershell - Spillman V - 8 engine and from 1919 on a proprietary V 8.
The DANIELS 8 was offered for a price of $ 7,450 in 1922. So the car was very, very expensive as you could buy  for example an Oakland for $ 1,600 only.
A personality clash between George Daniels and Neff Parish was the end of the comnpany in 1924.

 Emblem used as radiator emblem for all cars sold  sold by J.W. Bowman / Boston

6.0 cm 

 1916 - 1924


fine example of the Daniels custom coach work

top right you see the salesroom of J.W. Bowman

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