Aug 15, 2014


In car history there had been half-a-dozen of manufacturers with the trade name COMET (or KOMET in Germany).
Here you see the emblem of the American COMET of Illinois.
They started car production in 1917 in Decatur / Illinois.
The COMET was an assembled car with a six-cylinder engine.
Cars were only produced when a firm dealership order was on hand.
Their slogan was: " This COMET has come to stay ".
In five years only 1,094 cars were made. But in 1920 / 1921 they sold 40 cars to Belgique / Europe and dreamed of an international succes. In vain. In 1921 they had to close down.

COMET radiator emblem reproduced by Harry Pulfer

Dimensions  7.3 cm x 7.0
Year1917 - 1921

Estimate for an original

typical reverse of a Harry Pulfer repro

COMET radiator emblem with contemprary ad

1921 advertisement in a Belgian journal

For more beautiful car emblems and for the German Komet see top right (list of car makers).

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