Nov 30, 2014


SALMSON / FRANCE / PARIS  ( 1921  - 1957  )

This french company was in car production in Billancourt near Paris from 1921 to 1957.
They had their best years in the twenties when selling cyclecars.  RENAULT bought the factory plant after WWII in 1956.The last french SALMSON was built in 1957.

Size8.0 cm x 5.5 cm
Year1921 - 1923

the metal cross of the radiator shell was a typical Salmson design

Size7.0 cm 
Year1923 - 1929

1926 french advertisment with emblem

Pay attention.There is a repro with a flat reverse:

left: original            right:  repro

There was also a very beautiful motormeter emblem:

1926 advertisment for the German market

In 1929 there was a new designed emblem:

SALMSON  radiator emblem

Size13.2 cm x 2.8 cm
Year1929 - 1930 

in 1932 the emblem was simplified:

Size8.0 cm x 2.4cm (emblem only)
Year1932 - 1938

1935 advertisment

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