Dec 19, 2014


The WESTCOTT Motor Car Company started car production at Richmond / Indiana in 1909. They remained in the car business until 1925. They moved to Springfield / Ohio in 1916.
They offered an assembled car using  6-cylinder engines made by Continental.
The peak production  year was 1921 with 1,710 cars built.
In 16 years they sold less than 15,000 cars.

The first enameled radiator emblem was round. It was filed in 1917 and used from 1915 to 1916.

  7 cm

 1915 - 1916


From 1917 to 1925 they  had a octagonal emblem  showing the letters V and W like Volkswagen many years later. I have no idea why there is a V as the first name of the founder Mr. Westcott was Burton.  May be it is just a special W.

Dimensions5.4 cm x 5.4 cm
Year1920 - 1925

In the nineteensixties Harry Pulfer  reproduced this emblem. It became a bad repro because the letters of the name are originally filled up with black enamel, but here you see orange letters.

left:  original                         right:  repro

left:  original with no makers mark    right:  flat repro

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