May 8, 2015


ANSALDO / GENOVA / ITALY  ( 1919 - 1931 )

ANSALDO motor meter  emblem
The Company Gio. ANSALDO & C., founded in Genova / Italy in 1853 was without doubt the biggest Italian steel producer. In 1919 they decided to produce automobiles. For this purpose they built  a large factory at Turino / Italy.  In 1931 OM bought the factory.
On all emblems you see two crossed canons, showing the origins of this forgotten  trademark.

Here I´m presenting you an ultra rare ANSALDO emblem. Look at the special technique:
there are no dams between the colors and there is a transparent enameled surface.

Size 5.5 cm
Year1919 - 1931

Look at the motor meter and you see see the emblem !  The photo was taken in 1926/27.

ANSALDO radiator emblem

Here you see another version of the famous ANSALDO emblem with the two crossed canons.
This time the frame is chased and they used a transparent blue so that you can see the metal background showing sunbeams.

Size8.7cm x 3.8 cm 
Year1919 - 1931

                                          reverse of an original emblem. No makers mark

contemporary advertisment proudly showing the emblem

color variation  with white background and golden letters

another advertisment proudly showing the emblem

1926 joint advertisment of Hispano Suiza and Ansaldo:  ANSALDO was also sold to Germany           for more information about HISPANO SUIZA click here

Officially ANSALDO started its car production in 1920. Nevertheless there is an ANSALDO car made in 1906, today presented in an Italian museum. This car was an assembled car using components from Peugeot, De Dion Bouton etc.
On the radiator of this particular automobile you see this emblem ( made in brass without enamel ).
So here you see one of the oldest ANSALDO emblems ever made.

Size 8.5 cm 
Yearca. 1906

Have you ever seen these two particular ANSALDO emblems ? Don´t think so because these are prototype emblems made by the enamel works of BREGONZIO in Milano / Italy.
ANSALDO decided to use another design but these prototypes were never thrown away.
When BREGONZIO was liquidated in 2009 I was able to buy these fine pieces of art.

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