Nov 9, 2015


The ELYSEE truck was made by the M.P. Moller Motor Car Company in Hagerstown from 1929 to 1932.               They offered a 15 and  a 30 cwt capacity truck.
These were stylish vehicles and they  had a very stylish emblem showing the Greek God Mercury with a parcel under the left arm.  You have to look years for this nice emblem.

on the parcel you can read:  delivery de luxe

       6,3  cm      
 1929 - 1932 


the original emblem was made by: ROBBINS CO ATTLEBORO MASS

          For more information see my chapter:  Manufacturers of enamel emblems (list top right ).

As it is rare and beautiful Harry Pulfer offered a repro that was made in Hongkong.
The repro is much smaller and missing a lot of details. Look at your own:

on top:  repro by Harry Pulfer        down: original

                      For more beautiful car emblems see top right ( list of car makers ).

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