Mar 13, 2016


The REX SIMPLEX of Ronneburg / Germany started car production under the name of REX in 1901.
Before they offered various components for car construction.
When using engines of their own design the name changed to REX SIMPLEX.
They never sold much cars so you have to look years for a radiator emblem.
It is much easier to find a broche (as it was a public relation present ).

REX SIMPLEX emblem  with large crest (as found in the ground)

Dimensions 10.0 cm x 6.5 cm
Year1918 - 1920

flat reverse without makers mark

contemporary ad 

restored emblem with small crest

In 1921 the factory was bought by ELITE (another small German car maker ) and the type 13/40 was offered for one year as the Elite Wagen.
Here you see the ultra rare radiator emblem still showing the REX SIMPLEX crest.

restored ELITE ( REX) emblem  (A.-G. = Aktiengesellschaft)

Dimension 10.0 cm x 6.5 cm

1918 REX SIMPLEX showing the emblem on the radiator

1921 picture showing a vee-shaped radiator with ( two ) emblems in droplet shape

Sorry for the bad picture quality,  couldn´t find a better one

Dimensionca. 90 cm x 5.0 cm each
Year1921 - 1922

1921 REX SIMPLEX advertisment

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