Jan 6, 2017


The MITCHELL Motor Car Company situated in Racine / Wisconsin  built its first car with an air cooled engine in 1903. They had been wagon builders since 1834.  In 1910 the first passenger car with a six-cylinder engine  and for a very short time  ( 1916 only ) an eight-cylinder engine was offered. They were proud about the fact that quite every component was made in Racine.
Their slogan was: " Silent as the foot of time ".
The company´s  best production years had been 1917 and 1919 ( 10,938 and 10,873 cars).
I was able to verify that the first radiator emblem was on the model of 1917. Before there were scripts only.
The last year ( 1923 ) they sold 713 cars of the type F-50.
Then the factory was bought by Nash.

the first MITCHELL radiator was made of  thin brass only - no enamel -

Dimensions 6.3 cm 

reverse of the brass emblem - no makers mark -

restored emblem with green enamel

reverse of an original ( enameled ) emblem,    no makers mark

later there was no more laurel on the bottom of the emblem

the very last MITCHELL radiator emblem of 1923 from the type F-50.  Only 713 cars were built.

Dimensions5.7 x  4.1 cm

reverse without makers mark

advertisment of 1920 showing the new model with a "sloping radiator"

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