Jan 16, 2017

Moller / USA

MOLLER (MOELLER)  LEWISTOWN   / USA   ( 1920 - 1922)

The brothers Wilhelm and Holger Moller had experimented in the light car business in their native Denmark before they offered their first US made car in 1920.
It was a four - cylinder roadster  in the European light car tradition. From the beginning on the brothers tried to export the roadster but neither domestic nor foreign sales kept the factory in business long. Car production ceased in 1922.

The line above the letter O has a Danish origin. In Denmark, the letter O in the surname was written with a diagonal stroke, which does not exist in Anglo-American countries.

small ( slightly v-shaped) emblem for a small car

 3.9 x  4.4 cm
Year1920 - 1922

 reverse with makers mark:  FOX COMPANY

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