Sep 29, 2017

BUIRE / France

LA BUIRE  ( 1904 - 1930) located in Lyon / France was a typical french car maker with local relevance only.
Nevertheless they exported quite a lot of cars to England.
The first  BUIRE cars had a brass emblem only (1904 - 1905 ).
Later there was a round enameled emblem on  the radiator showing the coat of armes of the town Lyon,  a  lion,  and the silhouette from an early automobile.

small LA BUIRE emblem
  4.5 cm
Yearca 1919 

backside of an original LA BUIRE emblem ( no makers mark )

large  LA BUIRE emblem

  6.8 cm
Yearca. 1920 - 1930

reverse of a  repro made with the original tools ( the original emblem had no central bolt, it was soldered )
large and small emblems

LA BUIRE at the Salon Automobile in Paris ( 1908 )

very rare emblem  with blue outer circle and white letters

 6.8 cm
Yearca. 1920

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