Sep 28, 2018


The Nelson & LeMoon company built the first truck in Chicago in 1910, using Continental engines.
The majority of the LeMoon sales were in the Chicago area. From 1913 to 1927 the name Nelson-Le-Moon
was used rather than plain LeMoon, though this latter was resumed thereafter.
Production ceased in 1939.  Lifetime production was around 3,000 trucks.

This emblem can be dated from the year 1928 when the plain name was used. It was up for auction in Chicago in 2011 as a part of the Lee Roy Hartung collection ( please see my post Lee Roy Hartung).
This emblem was used for  a very short period

Dimension6.7cm x 3.8 cm

backside with makers mark :  THE D.L. AULD COLUMBUS CO.

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