Nov 4, 2018

OM / Italy

The Italian Officine Meccaniche (OM)  took control of the ZUEST automobile concern in 1918.
In fact the first car under their name was the old 25/35 hp ZUEST.   OM cars won the 1925 Tripoli Grand Prix and the 1927 Mille Miglia race. Car production ceased in 1931 and OM concentrated on commercial vehicles. The last  truck with an OM emblem was approximately built  in 1979.

large OM radiator emblem
10.2 x  6.8 cm
Year1918 - 1920

there was also a green version (rare )

OM radiator with emblem and motometer

The new (smaller ) OM radiator emblem was on their cars from 1920 to 1933

 7.8 cm x 4.6 cm
Year1920 - 1933

reverse without makers mark

there was also a version with a covering blue

1925 contemporary advertisment

one of the most beautiful  badges ever made ( see next picture )

 9.9 cm

I needed years to verify this emblem: Now I know it was on the doors of the 1939 OM trucks ! The emblem  is a combination of the Suisse SAURER truck emblem and the Italian OM emblem  as the OM was built under licence.

simplified version of the OM / SAURER emblem on the motor block

May be there was also a rectangular OM radiator emblem as showing on an offical sales brochure:

wanted: if you have to sell this emblem don´t hesitate to contact me

There a lot of OM truck emblems.  These are my favorites:

20.0 cm x 12.0 cm
Year1960 - 1965

20 cm x 14.5  cm
Year1960 - 1965

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