Jan 11, 2019

GARBATY / Germany

GARBATY / MAINZ / GERMANY ( 1924 - 1927 )

The  GARBATY Auto - Werk were located in Mainz / Germany.  Production was  around 400 cars between 1924 and 1927. We know one survivor in Germany. Mr. Mose Garbaty built an assembled car with a lot of French components, motors etc.. Also the emblem looks like the famous Citroen emblem of the twenties. Even the size is the same.
an ultra rare emblem

4.6 cm x 6.3 cm
Year1924 - 1927

reverse without makers mark

one of the rare GARBATY advertisments

same size,   same style

advertisment from the Michael Schlenger collection (Vorkriegsklassiker)

1928 advertisment


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