Jan 1, 2019


August HORCH (1868 to 1951) , the founder, worked for BENZ at the turn of the century and produced his first cars around 1900. By 1906 there was a larger 18/22 four and a big 8-litre that flopped and caused HORCH to leave his firm and to found a new firm, named AUDI. After WW 1 HORCH produced more  up - market machines of excellent quality.

Here you see the first enameled radiator emblem ever used by HORCH showing the name HORCH and the crest of the town of Zwickau / Saxony in Germany.

All Horch items are rare and expensiv. You have to look years for this emblem !

flat HORCH radiator emblem with four original holes

  7.0 cm x 8.9 cm
Year1910 - 1914


In 1999 there was a reproduction made by the HORCH museum of Zwickau:

on top:    original                bottom:  repro

There was also a slightly curved version:

HORCH also sold cars to Scandinavia ( here HORCH seen in Denmark with the emblem shown above)

From 1914 on HORCH cars and trucks showed an oval (green ) emblem:

1916 advertisment showing the new oval emblem with block letters

simplified Horch radiator badge

 8.0 cm x 5.0 cm
1914 -  1920

HORCH truck with simplified emblem, seen in a German museum

New emblem for HORCH cars, not for trucks:

Horch emblem with cursive letters

  8.0 cm x 5.3 cm
Year1921 - 1923


1921 picture showing the v-shaped radiator with ( two ) small  emblems

From 1924 on HORCH presented on the radiator the letter H crenelated with the name HORCH.

left:  original                       right: reproduction

 6.8 cm x 4.7 cm
1924 -  1940

1924 advertisment, where you can read: UNSER NEUES KÜHLERZEICHEN =  Our new radiator emblem

another 1924 advertisment, here with brass emblem

1925 advertisment


no doubt, HORCH also sold cars in France



1927 ad showing the mascot


After WW2 four a few years the built a new HORCH in East Germany called HORCH SACHSENRING. They added to the emblem the three letters VEB. That means:
nationally owned company. From 1956 to 1959  only 1,382  cars were built.

left: original            right: reproduction

 8.0 cm x 6.3 cm
1956 -  1959

left: original             right: reproduction

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