Sep 20, 2019

Hildebrand / Germany

 HILDEBRAND / SINGEN / GERMANY   ( 1922 - 1924 )

Martin Hildebrand founded this short lived company ( 1922 - 1924 ). The Hildebrand car was built in Singen / Hohentwiel (South Germany ) near the ruins of the castle Hohentwiel. That´s why the emblem shows a kneeling knight with a sword in his hands.
Not much is known about this firm but is it likely that there was a very small production only. The specialist of car production numbers, Mr. Hans Lipp, made a research. If we trust him around 100 cars were built, so it is nearly impossible to find an emblem. It seems that not a single car survives today.

emblem showing the knight of the castle Hohentwiel

Size  6.7 cm x 4.6 cm
Year1922 - 1924


reverse without makers mark

Here you see one of the very rare privat contemporary pictures of a Hildebrand car.  This picture was for free as no one could identify the car.   But no doubt this is a Hildebrand ( just have a close look at the radiator emblem ) :
This HILDEBRAND car obviously had a break down  !

In the " Beaulieu Encyclopaedia of the Automobile " you can read that the Hildebrand was a three-wheeler. This not right. The Hildebrand was always a conventional four wheeler as you can see on the next photos.
HILDEBRAND stall at the Automobil show in Berlin 1924

contemporary picture showing the radiator with emblem

1924 HILDEBRAND and ZF advertisment on one page 

one of the rare contemporary photos of the HILDBRAND automobile in 1925

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