Nov 10, 2019

Carhartt / USA

Contrary to all expections you find a lot about the Carhartt Automobil Corporation of Detroit / Michigan that was founded by Hamilton Carhartt who made his money in the clothing manufacturing business. He started car production in 1910 offering two models, the  Junior  "25-30" and the "30-35".
The company still announced a new model for 1912, but probably it was never produced.
It seems that not a single car  survives today. The only remaining things are  radiator emblems showing the car with a lot of details:  the rear brake drums, the hand brake, the klaxon etc.. This is a very sought - after emblem !
Giving up the automobile production in 1912 the company put all energy into the production of clothing for working women and men. The company is still in this business and well known for quality clothing products. For more information go to:

When your family name is Carhartt and your are producing a car,  the heart behind the car seems to be a logical emblem design:

 You can read the latin words: ECCE SIGNUM, that means: what a sign !

Size 6.1 cm
Year1910 - 1911


backside with makers mark from Whitehead & Hoag

contemporary photo showing the radiator, the script and the emblem

1911 ad for the CARHARTT THIRTY - FIVE

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  1. What a find! Although I was wearing Carhartt skateboard clothing in my youth, I didn't expect that the brand used to be an old car maker! How cool is that...