Jun 26, 2020


 LA LICORNE / PARIS / FRANCE  ( 1901 - 1947 )

This french company was founded near Paris by Jean Marie Corre in  1901. J. M. Corre started producing bicycles before he decided to manufacture his own car. He regulary raced his cars and won the  Circuit des Andennes in 1902. In 1907 the cars were called CORRE LA LICORNE.

Shortly afterwards J. M. Corre left his firm and founded a new company in Rueil ( Seine et Oise) called CORRE & Cie. For a short period ( 1908 - 1914 ) he offered small 4-cylinder cars .
Later his old company offered all cars under the name LA LICORNE only.
On every radiator emblem you see a unicorn because "Licorne" is the french word for this mythical creature.

Jean Marie CORRE started producing bicycles

advertisment of the new CORRE & Cie factory

first enameled radiator emblem

  c. 7.0 cm

large LICORNE emblem

Size  7.7  cm
Year1920 - 1929

reverse with out makers mark

the emblem was attached to the radiator core

In 1928 LA LICORNE offered the small type H0 2, 5CV. It was a one year only model. So this particular emblem is a hard to find item

  4.7 cm 

In 1929 the emblem became much smaller and was mounted on top of the radiator shell, but the design wasn´t changed:

Size  4.4  cm ( emblem only )
Year1920 - 1929

backside of the small emblem. It was fixed with stripes of sheet metal

1933 type L760 radiator (unrestored ), showing the small emblem ( car part of the Michael Schlenger collection ).

LA LICORNE radiator shells were built by CHAUSSON ( do you see the Licorne shell ? )

During  WW2 LICORNE built a 4WD artillery tractor which had an oval emblem with painted letters in red, white and blue, the national colors of France:

After WWII  LA LICORNE tried to restart but had no chance. The last car was built in 1947 showing this emblem:

Last LA LICORNE automobile made in 1947

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