May 2, 2013


HISPANO SUIZA  ( 1904 - 1944 )

HISPANO SUIZA was founded and built vehicles in Spain. Due to its great success, another plant was built in France as early as 1911, where most of the vehicles were then also manufactured.

The HISPANO - SUIZA (1904 - 1944)  emblem is showing the Spanish flag (red and yellow) and the Swiss flag (white cross on red ground) in a cercle between two wings because this high price car was produced in this two countries.

The money to  build this car came from the Spanish founders Damian Bisa and Francisco Seix, the technology from the Swiss founder  Marc Birkigt.

From 1919 to 1931 the type " H6 " was the most expensiv car in Europe.
As the car was expensive the emblem is still expensive. So there are a lot of reprodctions, even more than
originals !

the holes are original

15.1cm x 5.0 cm

As always the backside is telling the truth. On top an original HISPANO SUIZA emblem (the three wholes are also original).

on top: original    down: repro . You see that the contours are not so deep

Interestingly, the Italian car brand Ansaldo and Hispano Suiza advertised together in Germany in an ad in 1926. I have not yet been able to determine what else links these companies. For more information about ANSALDO click here.

very early emblem without holes

advertisment of 1924 showing the emblem 


In 1938, production was moved to Geneva, Switzerland. There, weapons and ammunition were produced, but also heavy engines, probably for the railroads, because the emblem shown here is massive and much too heavy for an aircraft engine:


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