Jul 14, 2013

PATHFINDER - Motor Car Manufacturing Co

Radiator emblem badge
very sought after PATHFINDER radiator emblem showing Daniel Boone

Size 8.8 cm x 8.2  cm
Year1912 - 1917


The PATHFINDER was a short lived car producer from 1912 to 1917. The PATHFINDER succeeded the NEW PARRY.  Production numbers are not known. But there was not great succes and so the original emblem is very rare. There is a reproduction from Harry Pulfer, made in the sixties. Only the original emblem has a makers mark:  BASTIAN BROS. ROCHESTER N.Y.
This emblem was not mounted on the radiator shell but on the radiator  core as you can see on the following picture.

backside with makers mark from BASTION BROS ROCHESTER

1917 publicity by the Indianapolis based PATHFINDER make, indicating how advanced American design was then, with 12-cylinder engines and advanced styling:

 to my knowledge this particular emblem was never mounted on a car


There was another Pathfinder emblem looking like a radiator badge. But pay attention this is only a service emblem from a different Pathfinder corporation:

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  1. thanks for showing the back side of the emblems. The back side is a very good indicator for knowing if the emblem is an original.