Jul 15, 2013

ROLLIN Cleveland Ohio / CLETRAC

Rollin Cletrac radiator emblem badge
ROLLIN Radiator Emblem
Dimensions3.5 cm x  6.7 cm
The ROLLIN automobile arrived on the market in the fall of 1923 as one of the earliest in America to feature four-wheel-brakes. Output in 1924 was 3,662 cars and 2,088 ROLLINs were built in 1925 before the assembly line was shut down in November [Kimes, Clarke].

The car was too small for the American market that prefered larger cars with more cylinders.

You can see the original ROLLIN emblem on the ad.
There is some evidence that  the first prototypes built wore CLETRAC emblems [Kimes, Clark].
CLETRAC was a famous CLEveland TRACtor builder.
So here you see a tractor emblem from a CLETRAC.

For more beautiful emblems from other automobiles see top right of this page ( list of car makers ).

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