Aug 11, 2013


CHIRIBIRI radiator emblem
Another forgotten Italian automobile producer was Antonio CHIRIBIRI from 1906 to 1927. He built small cars. His production plant was bought by LANCIA in 1928. Here you see the oval emblem in the art noveau style. 
1924 and later they had a simple rectangular emblem.

Dimension5.4 cm  x 9.5 cm
Yearca. 1920

contemporary picture of the typ Monza from the Klaas Dierks collection

1925 CHIRIBIRI radiator with emblem and motometer , seen in Italy

There a really bad repros made in Italy. They all have a flat back. So have a look at this original and compare before buying.

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  1. Finally we can see an original Chiribiri emblem.
    Thank you Claus