Sep 13, 2013


BENZ GAGGENAU radiator emblem

The famous German BENZ - that merged with Mercedes in 1926 -  bought the GAGGENAU truck factory in 1912. From then on they built their own trucks under the name: BENZ GAGGENAU.
They had their production peak while WWI.  It is a hard to find item.

Dimensions7.9 cm (emblem only)

Here you see see another version. The colors are not separated with a dam  from each other as usual. It is a more complicated technique also used by BUGATTI.

                                     Beware: this is an reproduction

advertisment of 1922 showing the emblem

                                    Here you see an original GAGGENAU emblem
                                     before it became BENZ  GAGGENAU

the first and last enameled GAGGENAU emblem

Sizec. 12.0 x 5.0 cm
Year1909 - 1910

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  1. Never seen a real GAGGENAU emblem. Thank you Claus