Sep 13, 2013


BENZ GAGGENAU radiator emblem

The famous German BENZ - that merged with Mercedes in 1926 -  bought the GAGGENAU truck factory in 1912. From then on they built their own trucks under the name: BENZ GAGGENAU.
They had their production peak while WWI.  It is a hard to find item.

Dimensions7.9 cm (emblem only)

Here you see see another version. The colors are not separated with a dam  from each other as usual. It is a more complicated technique also used by BUGATTI.

                                     Beware: this is an reproduction

                                     Here you see an original GAGGENAU emblem
                                     before it became BENZ  GAGGENAU

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  1. Never seen a real GAGGENAU emblem. Thank you Claus