Sep 15, 2013


LION MOTOR CAR CO. radiator emblem
The LION MOTOR COMPANY was founded in 1910. The LION was powered by a 40 hp  four cylinder engine. The company slogan was: " The LION Forty runs like sixty ".  On june 2, 1912, the factory burned to the ground. One fireman was killed, and more than 150 cars inside were destroyed, so too the prototype of the LION Thirty. Damage was estimated at $ 350,000 ;  the company was insured for only  $ 180,000 and in mid october of 1912 recievership came  [Kimes, Clark].

Dimensions 5.5 cm
Year1910 - 1913

Above you see a nice repro from Harry Pulfer, made in the sixties. If you have to sell an original one, please contact me.

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