Oct 3, 2013


FIRESTONE COLUMBUS radiator emblem
The FIRESTONE COLUMBUS made in 1907 and 1908 was a high wheeled buggy.
There is no relation between FIRESTONE COLUMBUS and FIRESTONE tyres.
For the years 1909 to 1911 a "Mechanical Greyhound" roadster was built as well as a five - seater car. The two seater roadster had a 26hp engine. Some closed models were offered in 1913 and 1914 [Georgano].
In 1914 the founder Clinton Firestone was found dead at his apartment in a hotel. That was the end of this short living firm.

Dimensions  5.6m x 7.8 cm
Year1907 - 1914


                                         Backside of an original FIRESTONE radiator emblem with makers mark: 
                                         ROBBINS CO ATTLEBORO MASS

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