Oct 4, 2013


PEERLESS radiator emblem
The PEERLESS Motor Car Co started in 1900 using the French DeDION-BOUTON engine.
The PEERLESS was known as "One of the Three P´s"  (PACKARD, PEERLESS and PIERCE-ARROW), the great trio of American motoring [Georgano].

Above you see their first radiator emblem used from 1918 to 1921 showing the radiator of the car.
A very nice idea also used by several other car makers as MORS, SAP, DELAHYE, OM, PILAIN and others.
In 1931 they stopped the car production and became a brewer, producing the enormously successful CARLING beer.
Dimensions5.8 x  4.7 cm
Year1918 - 1921

                                          PEERLESS radiator emblem from 1928:

                                          PEERLESS radiator emblem from 1926:

                                          PEERLESSS radiator emblem from the last model of 1930/1931:

For more beautiful emblems see top right of this page ( list of car makers).

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