Oct 4, 2013


HUPP-YEATS radiator emblem

The HUPP-YEATS ( 1911 - 1919) was a fine example of the second - generation of American electrics. It was a good looking car and between 75 to 90 miles was claimed per charge, still a good figure today.
Approximately 1,000 HUPP-YEATS had been built.
Here you seen an emblem where the chassis number is in the emblem.
Originally  the oval was filled with blue enamel. This emblem is from the Lee Roy Hartung collection that was up for auction in 2011.

Dimensions 5.0 cm x 6.9 cm
Year1911 - 1919


Reverse of an original HUPP-YEATS emblem with makers mark:  ROBBINSCO  ATTLEBORO MASS


  1. This is indeed a hard to find emblem. In the several years now that I have owned one of 3 remaining Hupp-Yeats Electric cars, this is the only Hupp-Yeats VIN Plaque I've seen mentioned anywhere. As my car is but a chassis, I will need to fabricate one of these plaques as faithfully as possible. It would greatly help my project if I were able to get a polyurethane mold made of this so that I can more easily make a plaque for my car.

    NOTE: This is not a "radiator emblem", but rather the car ID# plaque or marquis for car#567, likely produced in late 1911 or so. H-Y claimed that they had produced some 500 cars by mid-1911 or so as I recall. My chassis is the earliest known remaining Hupp-Yeats chassis with spring stampings noting "Mar 1911" and car ID#"374" stamped into the chassis. I would very much appreciate being able to make an exact copy of this plaque, enamel it, & stamp it with my car's ID#.
    Contact Info: matwete at comcast dot net
    Also: www.evalbum.com/1018

  2. I´ll be happy to help you. I´ll contact you after the holidays.